The First Journey to D&D Part 11: The Duel

The story continues and today will be the first time seeing a dragon face to face. Due to a sequence of event from a duel some of the party members ended up being at the receiving end of its breath attack.

After the party decided to avoid travelling during day time, we took a double long rest using that time to investigate our items and making sure we were prepared to travel during night time. It would not be an issue since all party members have darkvision. As we started travelling we noticed something in the sky, it looked like a flaming sphere flying in a big circle as if trying to scout the area. My primeval awareness told me that it might have been a fey or elemental. We assumed it was the nightmare and its rider coming for a revenge. We managed to avoid it all through the night but it was definitely picking up on our location as the circle in the sky was becoming smaller and smaller.

As we climbed the mountain to reach our destination, Gauntlgrym, we came to a clearing on the top which felt like an ambush. Well we weren’t wrong, the female githyanki knew of our trajectory and alerted her allies. We were surrounded and outnumbered, there was about 6 githyanki soldiers, 1 nightmare, the female githyanki and a heavily armored male githyanki who with using force pull snatched the great sword from our party member’s grasp. Oh and there was a red dragon, full grown.

The situation looked very grim and we knew that fighting a dragon at our level was suicide. Fortunately the male githyanki which I will refer as the boss from now on asked for a duel. If we won the duel we would be spared and if we lost well we wouldn’t be spared. Our paladin gladly accepted due to his high AC. While the duel was happening our team strategically got into position in the event something goes south.

Our paladin got to go first and did quite a bit of damage to the boss using his smite and booming blade. On the boss’ turn our paladin cast shield to avoid any damage which was the reason why we thought he had the most chance of winning the duel. As soon as that happened the female githyanki shouted profanities that we did not understand, we knew however they were not kind words. The boss waved her off and kept fighting. As the duel continues and our paladin shielded again and that time the female githyanki counter spelled it. We then found out that a duel is supposed to have no magic associated to it.

Because she did that we had a bunch of actions readied in case one of them did an offensive move and that triggered them. Our druid called a lightning spell right on the female githyanki and this is were everything went south. We all looked at each other and back to the dragon. We then all rolled initiative. The duel at that point was interrupted, the boss looked quite sad as he misty step on the dragon ready to leave. The dragon annoyed at that point decided to give us a parting gift, his breath attack. He aimed it at our druid and our paladin which ko’ed them instantly. He then departed and left through a tear in reality. Unfortunately for us we were left with the rest of the guards and the female githyanki.

After a lot of effort we managed to best our opponents except the female githyanki who left after doing some heavy damage to the team. We stabilized the team and then headed towards our destination. As we were walking an arrow coming out of nowhere landed in front of us with a scroll attached to it, it was a plane shift scroll. I guess the boss liked the duel and wanted a rematch but I don’t think our team was very keen walking into a githyanki town and with the expectation to walk out alive.

In the next adventure we will be back on track and arriving to Gauntlgrym. Stay tuned as it will prove interesting as our party is consisted of hated individual which under normal circumstances would be kill on sight.

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