The First Journey to D&D Part 12: Family Issues

A lot happened during this game session, sad and funny at the same time with the lost of one of our party member. Additionally a shocking twist and confession at the end.

Continuing the story, as the party was heading towards Gauntlgrym we tried to come up with a plan to get in the city because we knew quite well that we had 2 party members that would be killed on sight. We agreed on sending the paladin in to deliver the message from ‘Eldath’ the female dwarf that died at the beginning of the campaign as he was the only one that would be able to get in. However as we were resting waiting for the right time, we were ambushed by the city’s guards and we were led to their leader. Fortunately for us and the reason why we did not roll for initiative is because someone tipped our arrival to him.

Their leader who I shall refer to as ‘Storm Hammer’ wanted to talk to us. We passed on the Eldath’s message and even though he had the same hair color he did not know of Eldath but promised to deliver the message. He had a request for us however, he got wind of the demons coming up from the under dark and he wanted us to investigate why was it happening. I am not sure at that point why we agreed to such a task but it might have been an exchange for them not killing us.

Once we agreed on what we are to do now, a new goal, we were given a feast and a few items of very nice value. More so speaking the bag of holding, we finally got it! Although Storm Hammer did not have any lead as to where the demons are and who we could consult to find out more about the demon, he gave us a name of a place that he thinks would help us. The ‘Worms Riding’.

So there we are at the entrance of place that we tried so hard to escape and we are now willingly heading back to the under dark. Now for Draekhill it was amazing because there was not going to be sunlight sensitivity problem in the under dark so I was pretty happy heading back down. As you all know his behavior changed for the worse when he got cursed by the ‘Shadow Dragon Template’.

We proceeded with entering the under dark heading towards the ‘Worms Riding’. Since Draekhill didn’t know where it was exactly, the party got lost, it was all on him. At one point in our cave traversal we encountered a drow sitting at the base of a pillar of stone. He was looking at us and laughing but not really trying to kill us as the regular drow would have tried by now. Unfortunately what we didn’t know is that this drow was a demon in disguise and he would only be hostile if we touched him. Well guess what happened next? The cleric touched him! Not Draekhill! For once I wanted to just walked around him and continue on with our quest but no, the party wanted to cure him of curses and went ahead and touched him. We rolled for initiative.

The demon itself was rather easy to handle but the pillar was the source of us having to make wisdom saving throws. Before we had a chance to dispose of the demon, he called in two of his friends to his aid. The party was scattered at this point trying to handle all the demons around us. What happened next was very fast and caught all of us off guard, our paladin received a blow which poisoned him and knocked him out. What we didn’t know is that on his next turn he would die because of the active poison on him. Unfortunately we did not get to him on time and he drew his last breath. If you thought that was the shocking part, well you are wrong.

As soon as the heart beat of the paladin, half-elf by the way, stopped beating, our druid abandoned all attacks on the demon and rushed to his side as we managed to clean the remaining demons. Now our paladin had a magic sword which only his bloodline could use. It was supposed to be passed down from generation to generation and can only be used to its fullest of potential by the same bloodline. Our druid who is a drow is now seen holding the weapon and whispering to it before plunging it into the paladin’s corpse. We were all questioning his burial method but at that point the paladin’s body was now floating off the ground and with a flash disappeared.

All that was left in front of us was a gnome. Draekhill shook the gnome asking ‘Where is our paladin’ to which he hinted that it was him. It turned out that the druid was the paladin’s father all this time and has been secretly watching him and protecting him all this time. He said himself ‘I may not be a good father but I can sure as hell protect you’. The funny part is that the player role playing the paladin hate gnomes in real life and confirmed that he would rather have died than be in this situation. So now the party consist of a gnome whose dad is a drow but the bright side is we still have our paladin.

The paladin’s behavior slowly changed as we marched on towards the ‘Worms Riding’, it was like he was transforming into something else because of the sword magical property. The sword was destroyed in the process by the way.

This is where the session ended, stay tuned for the next installment where you will see what happened to the paladin and a view of the past, present and future events for Draekhill.

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