The First Journey to D&D Part 13: Time Library

Have you ever gone to a awesomely cool library that defies time? Well look no more because this is where Draekhill and the party will be visiting in this update.

While searching for the wurm’s riding we came across a Illithid who was suprisingly helpful. He meant no harm and did not seem to be bothered by us. Draekhill not knowing who this creature was prepared to attack. However he did not seem to want to harm us and answered our question promptly. We asked for direction and continued on our way, although there was a slight hesitation with our cleric. His goddess apparently have a undying hate for those creature but he ended up taking the peaceful route. He, our cleric, was getting fed up with being lost and decided to use his spell to contact his goddess to guide us to our destination. On the first try we fell into a shallow river and we followed luminous mushrooms, cool right? On the second time because we got lost again, all the answer was is find the basilisk.

Unfortunately using my ranger sense I could not track any basilisk in the area. So we proceeded with getting lost then after a few hours of wandering we came across a huge basilisk, we got ourselves ready for combat but then he spoke! He was waiting for us and was tasked by someone or something to get us. He did not look at us with his stone gaze and asked us to follow him. We decided since we were already lost we had nothing to lose.

He led us through a series of cave entrances mostly hidden if you did not know they existed which eventually led us to a huge set of doors. As he approached the doors open and we followed. Once inside he retreated to his quarter and any further questions we had he requested we ask the library. That is when we found out we were in an interactive library called the ‘GravenHollow’

At our disposal was a mini golem coming out of nowhere, we could summon it any time but it would not talk only gestured. We had no idea what we had to do here but since it was a library we figured there might be something on the demons in there. There were some individuals walking around that looked ethereal and they could talk and interact with everything in the library. Eventually after asking around we found out that the library had 3 keepers working constantly to bring out new content. The keepers are the past, present and future.

We made our way to the present who was a giant stone like creature from the description that I can remember. He was rather very busy but when we addressed him, everything went into a pause and he listened to our story of the demons while writing it down. He eventually gave us a crystal which I was in charge of. This crystal will allow us to scrye in the past, present and future once per day, more than that you will be gambling with madness.

Well I took the next 4 days to look into the past, present and future, the others went on their way to research everything they could about demons or other outstanding research that needed to be done. As for Draekhill he scryed in the past to find out the origin of the demon and Lolth came to view with a nest full of eggs, the present showed a very vague location of one of the demons and the future showed nothing. Apparently the future was too uncertain for the crystal to show something. On another day the most interesting one was when scrying in the present Draekhill looked at the demon nest and all that was left was Lolth, all the other demons were gone. When looking in the past we found how the demon invasion started, with the help of a very strong sorcerer. It is worth noting that I had to roll a lot of madness saving throw for scrying on Lolth. I managed to make it with the use of inspiration in one case.

On the last day we met with a vizier, a drow, and he also shared the same goal as us to banish the demons from this plane. He asked that we visited him in his tower on our way out. After the party was satisfied with their research and scrying we headed out. Once everyone exited, the door disappeared and all that was left was rock. It looked as if it never existed. We headed out towards the vizier tower, because I knew where it was from his description, we got there in no time. As we were leaving the library we met with our paladin, although not in a gnome form anymore but as a shadow being. He didn’t say anything about his appearance but had a same aura as me, shadowy.

We met with the vizier and he tasked us to collect a few items in order to perform a ritual. The goal of the ritual is to bring all the demons together so that they fight with each other and we would take care of the remaining one. For that to happen he needed a few items which would be from dangerous creatures like beholder, purple wurms etc. We decided since we were near the wurm’s riding we were gonna hunt for purple wurms eggs. The party proceeded with heading there and I will keep the fight for next time, stay tuned!

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