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A lot can happen In One Weeka weekly article focusing on what gaming things interested or caught my attention in the past week. I will report on what happened in my world of gaming and give you a snapshot of what excited me in the gaming realm at large. How many games can you play In One Week?

What did I play this week?

  • Total. Party. Kill. I slaughtered the characters in my Out of the Abyss game one-by-one with the beholder. This is their second attempt at killing it and this time it was ready. It is my first legitimate TPK–the others being DM fiat–and I feel really bad, but I had a feeling going in. I have a short article on this coming up soon.
  • Down with D&D, D&D Adventurers League, and Baldman Games all announced some pretty exciting news this week. More content and more ways to play your D&DAL character. It is all vague ‘casting for now, but it looks promising.
  • #Chatroom4Life! Misdirected Mark had a very difficult topic this week about resurrection in games. They brought up good points and broke down the analysis well, but it is really a matter of GM fiat–what feels right. However, I encourage you to go listen, because it might clarify what feels right for you.
  • Washing dishes is when I watch Critical Role. So this week I managed to do a lot of dishes and I caught up on several hours of backlog. The Q&A episode was very interesting, I like hearing about the background behind people’s games. The arena design and combat was interesting–I reserve comment on the rules and gameplay–but it was really amusing to see the druid knocked out of the sky. I think every druid should watch that and think carefully.
  • Talking Games brought up some interesting talking points this week. Unfortunately, I listened to it all in the car and took no notes. Phil and Senda are really fun to listen to, though I have to admit there was one point where I was expecting Chris’ voice during a question–I will go back and find it. I love the editing tidbits at the end of the show.
  • Gaming and BS was spot on and I can feel that groove from episode 80 continuing. There is an honest and clueless approach that Brett and Sean have towards gaming and building their thoughts. It is a very organic process, even if it leads them off topic. Brett’s questions are getting better and better.

What happened to me in gaming this week? 

  • I am afraid. There are three weeks left until Cornerstone TableTop Day 2016. There are over 100 people already attendance confirmed and who knows how many people will walk in. This is larger than we ever expected. There is feverish work in the background and it is all counting down.
  • Visionary may undergo some changes as we go through a phase of development. The web site is also under review.

Where did my money go this week?

  • I did not spend money on anything gaming related this week. However, I can see some money going out soon…

What did I miss this week?

  • A lot, unfortunately. I spent most of the time putting out fires and being sick, rather than writing or getting ahead on anything. At the time of writing this, my sinuses are blocked up to capacity making things very difficult.
  • She’s a Super Geek and Talking TableTop are still queued up in my podcasts. I have not listened to the John Wick episode yet. Both are shows I respect greatly, but I am always behind.

What excited me the most in gaming this week?

  • Savage Rifts. Technically there is no news, Tuesday is a Kickstarter launch announcement–but they already have my money. If Palladium gets out of the way, even better. I have a thorough nostalgia for Rifts–more so than even D&D–and the possibility of playing it without dealing with system drift and power creep, it intrigues me. As more news comes, I will talk more about my experience with Rifts. Glitter Boy!

What was your gaming week like? 

(Apologies for the short article. I have a head cold and my memory is painfully dull this past week.)

But… what do I know…?

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