Never Have I Ever

While updating an article, I was thinking that I have never played a gnome character in D&D before. My impression of gnomes is influenced by the tinker gnomes of Dragonlance. That character mold does not appeal at all to my roleplaying sense. Then it dawned on me there are a lot of things I have never done in D&D, even with all my years of gaming. So this is a truncated game of Never Have I Ever D&D Edition!

Never Have I Ever

played a gnome or halfling. I am not particularly tall or short, but being short does not sit well with me. That developed into a dislike for Small races, smaller weapons, and slower movement speed. It might also be that I hate kenders–at least I hated the people who played them–leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

played a low Intelligence character. I feel like it is too far beyond the realm of being me to dumb down. In real life, I am analytical, tactical, and probably a smartass. I could not properly portray a low Intelligence character, so all my characters have at least an average Intelligence.

played a druid. No explanation here, I never had an interest in the character type or mechanics of the druid class. Turning into an animal holds no appeal.

played the original Tomb of Horrors <or insert other major nostalgic module here>. I started with Dragonlance and after that, we created our own worlds and games. I never played any of the “classics”, only read about them afterwards or played a remake.

gone to Gen Con <or insert other major nostalgic convention here>. This might be the year to change that, but I never considered conventions important in the past. My opinions of that have changed of late, but prior to this year, it was over 10 years since I even went to a local convention to play.

What have you NEVER done in D&D?

But… what do I know…?

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