The First Journey to D&D Part 14: Purple Wurm

The party having enough of accumulating level of madness decided to move on with the information they had gathered from the library and decided to visit the vizier for a plan to eradicate all demons. In this segment the party will face one of the apex predator.

The party headed toward the vizier’s tower as he requested our presence once we were done with the library. He wanted the same thing we wanted, to get rid of demons. So we did as we were told and headed in his direction. Upon arriving to the so called tower we were greeted with traps, but after a few positive saving throws we appeared in front of him. It was very casual and informal, he pretty much had the same plan as us except in a grander scale.

We were tasked to gather a few ingredients in order to attract all of the demons, it might be a demon’s all you can eat buffet for all I know. I learnt that demons do not fair well when they are in the presence of each other, which was music to my ears. All we needed to do is get all the demons in one place and let the battle royal play out. When the dust settled we would take care of the weakened demon and hope for the best.

Well in order to make that happen we first had to get a purple wurm’s egg. Since we were almost to the wurm’s riding, we decided to make that our first gathering mission. As far as we knew the purple wurm were really dangerous as you might have seen from critical role. Our plan is to sneak in, take the egg and run like the wind. Pretty solid plan I would say.

We made our way towards the entrace-ish of the wurm’s riding when we encountered an individual hidden in the darkness. Judging by the voice we deduced that it was a she. While hostile at first, she became more friendly after some key questions were asked. It turns out she lost her party when trying to retrieve the purple wurm’s egg and was trying to find her way out, except she was lost. Coming out of the darkness we could see that she has been here for quite a bit of time as she seemed very malnourished. We fed her and requested her help to lead us to the nearest wurm’s nest, she agreed with the condition of sharing the loot.

After a few lefts and rights we came upon the largest room we have seen and in there were hanging wurm’s eggs, just what we needed. However from the direction we came in the nearest cluster of eggs were too high and we had to go deeper to find one that we could reach. Delegating 2 of our mobile party member, those with misty step our paladin and myself, we moved stealthily towards our target. When suddenly we noticed with our perception checks that some creatures were moving on the ceiling, our paladin used dancing light which revealed 2 giant spiders moving behind the rocks formation fortunately they were no immediate threat.

Unfortunately a voice suddenly boomed on our left and we saw charging toward us a Fomorian shouting ‘My babies’. We gathered from that phrase that he was the dad, and that was when we rolled initiative. He was not happy and came right at us with his curse beam. Thankfully no wurm was in the vicinity and our cleric kept a watch on any nearby wurm movement. While the rest of the party were distracting the Fomorian, the paladin and I jumped onto a cluster of eggs and managed to pocket 4 eggs before deciding it was time to go.

Our cleric warned us that one of the wurm had definitely sense the anomaly in this room and was on its way here and very close. Most of us made it out of the room and running for our lives when I heard a wurm pop out of the wall next to me and it swallowed me. Fortunately I managed to make it vomit me with minimal damage and I kept running. However the wurm now blocking the exit managed to swallow our druid. The druid was looking pretty rough from having distracted the Fomorian.

Fortunately our cleric had something in the bag, he banished the Fomorian which left us with the giant purple wurm to kill before he digest our druid. We hacked and slashed the thing until the final blow was dealt by our paladin. The Fomorian was long gone and the wurm was dead, we sliced the body open after multiple attempt and the lifeless body of our druid spilled on the ground. Luckily it was still in the right time frame and our cleric revived him but with a twist which I will get to next week.

On our way out we met with the female Drow and what seemed to be a party, since we were pretty low on everything we decided to go with the diplomatic approach and avoid conflict at an cost. The opposite party’s request was a purple wurm’s egg which we already had the intention of giving at least one to the female drow. We proceeded with the exchange and as we circled each other to allow ourselves passage when a darkness spell was cast on them by one of their party member. It was more of a defensive move but the good thing is because of my Devil’s Sight I could perfectly see what they were doing which was putting the egg into a bag of holding from my perception. Our cleric was a little pissed with the darkness spell and used Prestidigitation to make the ground shake underneath them to simulate a purple wurm’s travel. However forgetting the fact that ‘Prestidigitation’ requires verbal component which lead the other party to look inquisitively in our direction.

With the little failed scared tactics we headed back to the vizier’s tower to hand it our first assignment. All it took was the life of one person to get it and after the party some back and forth the party decided to go for the middle eye of a beholder, stay tuned for the new update.

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