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A lot can happen In One Weeka weekly article focusing on what gaming things interested or caught my attention in the past week. I will report on what happened in my world of gaming and give you a snapshot of what excited me in the gaming realm at large. How many games can you play In One Week?

What did I play this week?

  • Tyranny of Dragons started last Monday. Look for an article about it shortly!
  • I missed the beginning of Misdirected Mark! By that, I mean I was not there with the #Chatroom4Life frantically refreshing until the live stream started. Chris, Phil, and Bob are tackling very difficult topics lately–both from a gaming perspective and also from a general talking topic idea. It is incredible the amount of work these guys put into our entertainment and education each week. It has definitely helped with my tables. I think the episode about Safety needed to be said aloud and I am glad these guys did it. Also, listen at the end of the show, you can hear how much fun they have.
  • I hurt myself laughing listening to Talking TableTop with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor. If you love those old British comedies shows, you cannot miss this interview. I am not sure what they were even promoting on the show and I do not remember any time previously where Jim has completely lost control and not said a thing for huge stretches of time, but this was an amazing episode regardless. He really has a way to reveal the best and intimate of his guests.
  • Gaming and BS is tackling some really interesting topics lately. You have heard my praise about their recent episodes, which is in no way paid advertising–remember, I Patreonize them! I am a bit behind on the episodes because I am re-listening to a few older episodes and comparing. Go listen to Dedication to System though, they do a great job!
  • The Official D&D Podcast had a hiccup and I listened to two episodes about Misscliks out of order. This seems like an organization I want to be involved in, especially as I build a world of gaming for my daughter. I actually took time to write out my future gaming schedule–by week, by month, and by year–and try to fit possible volunteering for this organization in somewhere. I may need to replace sleep at some point.
  • Four brand new players at our Friday night D&D Adventurers League game ranging from age 11 to 34! I love how many people are joining the hobby!

What happened to me in gaming this week? 

  • RIFTS® for Savage Worlds! Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man! TAKE MY MONEY! Kickstarter launches April 26th! My friend is extremely skeptical of anything related to Palladium, even though he loves RIFTS as much as I do. I do not care, Pinnacle do not disappoint me! There was some additional info on DakkaDakka and we can expect a PDF by June 2016!
  • My wife keeps telling me to go do stuff before the baby comes. Not only the contests incentives and competitions through work–there are three of them in the U.S. this year–but the gaming conventions too. I love my wife–I think she is crazy too–but I will see what comes up. In the meantime, I have something for the #Chatroom4Life even though I am not going to make Gen Con!
  • Two week countdown till Cornerstone TableTop Day 2016! I am so nervous because the number of attendees climbs every day–and those are just the ones who are pre-registering! Emails went out today to the volunteers and game masters.

Where did my money go this week?

  • The Queen City Conquest Kickstarter! I have no clue about my schedule in September, so I just Kicked in for all three days and guaranteed my seat in the D&D Epic–probably Saturday. I am looking forward to meeting people down in Buffalo!

What did I miss this week?

  • Technically I have not missed it yet, but I cannot go to Gamehole Con this year because it is the same weekend as Extra Life. I was very much looking forward to meeting Brett, Sean, Kevthulu, and Austin, amongst other folks. I thought it was the second weekend of November…
  • Sorry Emily and Senda! She’s a Super Geek is one of my favorite actual play podcasts–really! Mostly because I find the two of them hilarious–even though I am not learning much about the actual games system. Also, sorry to Down with D&D as well, for some reason it did not queue up into my podcasts this week. I am very curious to hear about the changes to D&D Adventurers League–also to see if the rumors match up with what I have learned! Lastly, I did listen to Talking Games… but I could not remember enough to review it.
  • Critical Role goes on another week without being able to finish episode 45. I could theoretically listen instead of watching it, but that is part of the fun. I am pretty behind by months on my entire YouTube list.

What excited me the most in gaming this week?

  • I often talk about Chris, Phil, and Bob over at Misdirected Mark, but you do not often hear me say much about Encoded Designs. However, this week Chris not only confirmed he was coming to Cornerstone TableTop Day, but he is running The Airy Peaks! I have few friends who are game designers–and none willing to come from a different country to run a playtest of a game they are designing! Some people are not even willing to cross the 905 border, heh! I am actually waiting impatiently for The Airy Peaks to be released so I can get a copy. Thanks Chris!

What was your gaming week like? 

But… what do I know…?

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