Who Do You Game With?

I was thinking about my own gaming history the other day while listening to Chris and Phil. They were talking about the people they met and the gaming groups they play with and I got to thinking about how I met the people in my Out of the Abyss campaign and the people I have played D&D with for a while…

First off is Alex–there are two of them, so pay attention–whom I know from university. I did not play much D&D in high school, partially due to social stigma, mostly due to the fact that very few people I knew played. But in university, Alex told us that a new edition of D&D was coming in 2000. For the past 16 years, I have gamed with him.

Second is Alex–this is the other Alex–that I have known for over 27 years. He was the one who introduced me to AD&D, Dragonlance specifically. We spent much of our childhood chatting about RIFTS and other games. It took nearly 26 years, but I managed to finally drag him back to playing D&D during Extra Life.

Third is Tony, whom I met over 7 years ago. In an effort to drum up a local campaign, I put up an ad in a local game shop to meet new gamers. Tony lived only 5 minutes away from the store and he was the most well-adjusted of the people who showed up. Though that game did not last long, we found him again at another home game, to our surprise.

Our current DM for Tyranny of Dragons is DM Dan–because we had two Dans, we needed to differentiate them–whom we met through answering gamer ads for a 4th edition game. We would game at his place every week and he would cook dinner for us–totally awesome. This was the game where we reconnected with Tony at the game after losing touch when the nearby FLGS closed.

Finally is Gerald, the newcomer. I have known G for 3 years because of work. I never took him for a D&D guy, but I had some inkling that he was a gamer. Again, it was not until Extra Life that he got to experience tabletop roleplaying games for the first time and we hooked him. Now he is one of us.

I consider myself lucky to have a great group of gamers and friends to see week after week. There are those who have stopped, moved on, lost to wife aggro, and just plain disappeared–but those who stayed can be counted on to take up sword and staff, ready their character sheets, and do something completely insane in the name of the game! ROLL INITIATIVE!

What does your gaming group look like?

But… what do I know…?


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