The First Journey to D&D Part 15: The almighty beholder

In this segment the party decided that their next gathering quest would be to get the middle eye of the beholder. What they did not know is that the beholder is a very smart creature and that ignorance will have severe repercussion.

As we inquired about the beholder, the vizier told us everything that we needed to know to fight it. Unfortunately for us a lot of those attacks from his different eyes would be instant death. For example petrification, paralysis etc and those did not sound appealing at all.

We were under leveled as pointed by our DM but we still proceeded with hunting the beholder. We knew where it was residing, in a lair not too far from the tower. Once in the lair we had to go through a series of labyrinth before we found a few slaves. We stealthily followed them and right before we got to the main chamber we stopped and looked for the beholder.

After a few perception rolls we were able to figure out that the beholder was in the tube going vertically upwards and out of reach at this point. What we failed to realize is all over the lair were eyes. Eyes on the wall, eyes on the ground, eyes all around. Even though we were hidden, we could feel a gaze on us and that is when we had to roll saving throws. Unfortunately 3 of our party member was affected, me included and I was to be sleeping for 7 mins. That is a long time in initiative.

Although with the best effort of our paladin to waste as much time as possible for us to recover, the beholder and his pet wizard were not dumb. They knew what we were aiming to do and quickly went from chit chatting to full on eyes rays and fireballs.

The battle started out good, we did some good damage against the wizard and was hitting the beholder. As mentioned before our DM played the beholder very well. Too well as he was constantly hovering 30 feet in the air to avoid getting hit by the melee people. That was really effective as the only range person was me and I chose to go melee.

We thought we had this battle in the bag until the beholder got bored of toying with us and started to focus fire on 1 team member at a time. He was not alone, his wizard pet was doing quite a bit of damage with his fireball. We immediately knew that this battle was turning for the worst when our paladin who is our tank got hit by the petrification ray and started petrifying. None of us had the spell to revert this condition. Unfortunately he did not make his saving throw and ended up being totally petrified.

Our cleric was next, he was thrown off into a pit taking quite a bit of fall damage and having to spend his turns trying to climb on the smooth wall. Next was our druid, since his death he came back in a more wispy form where he was immune to a lot of stuff with the downside of not able to be healed by anyone but himself. He had the unfortunate luck of being on the receiving end of the charm ray, the only condition he was not immune to and failed the saving throw. The beholder being smart ordered him to protect him at any cost. I was next and managed to survive due to my shadow dragon abilities but what I could not mitigate was his telekinesis ray which threw me down the pit together with our cleric.

While the beholder could not see the enemy party anymore he knew approximately where we were and he was lowering himself onto our position. We thought we were done for until our cleric yelled to come near him. Turns out he was the one keeping the scroll of plane shift which we received from the Githyanki. I managed to get within arm reach just as the beholder was closing in and we teleported out.

To put it into perspective, this whole battle in real life took around 3 hours but in game it was less than 7 mins. The beholder did a very good job decimating our party and it was very close to a TPK.

We appeared just 3 of us, our cleric, our wizard and myself, in front of a temple surrounded by mind flayers corpse. This was our cleric goddess residence and we were not welcomed.

It was a miracle that we were able to make it out alive but that did not hold true for our newly revived druid and our newly revived paladin that ended up dead for good.

Stay tuned for the next segment as the party calls for revenge against the beholder.

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