Tyranny of Dragons | On the Road

Two weeks and two levels later, we are back around the table to play Tyranny of Dragons–that is, to play D&D.

Leaving behind the board game debacle–until next time–we dove back into our personas and continued the story. It is incredible how this group has really developed into their roleplaying in such a short period of time. It was only last November this group got dumped unceremoniously into the Underdark and forced to work together. Now, everyone is comfortable taking on the mantle of character. I admit I was stunned being on the player’s side of the DM screen, I withdrew a bit just to admire everyone play. When I DM, I do not have the luxury of sitting back and watching the interaction. I am either interacting with the characters or I am mentally reviewing what happens next. Our Tyranny of Dragons DM is very good with the social interaction portion of the game. His characters have life and personalities. He also creates sidebar quests or mini-games which are amusing, but generally serve no purpose to move the narrative forward. I think he is trying to instill a particular memory or experience for our characters, I just do not know what exactly we are supposed to get out of it. Regardless, it is D&D and it is fun, so I guess the story can wait.

I take full credit for derailing the DM when I asked to purchase magic items. Part of my character’s backstory is to constant search for items or powers that do with flight. While those items did not appear, we got to go shopping for uncommon items. My ulterior motive was to see if the DM gave into requests to purchase magic items in the guise of my character’s quest. We spent a good chunk of the session dabbling in the shops.

During certain parts of the session, I felt as though we should have the opportunity to roll our skills and use our characters–try the luck of the d20–but the DM is not always as consistent with that. Even if we roll well, it might not mean anything where things are a bit more arbitrary. Only time will tell how things go. We ended the session midway through On the Road, chapter 4 of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, so next week will need to make up for lost time.

Being as this is the first time I have played my character since 1st level, I cannot say there was much change since we had no combat and little in the way of skill challenges or things to do. Also, my character is not the chatty one, so Persuasion or Deception are not his strong suits. He plays around to reinforce others, usually with spells. Next level is the big boost in power, increased proficiency bonus, 3rd level spells, etc.

(The article is a bit shorter this week because it was written during a very busy week and completed a week after the actual session. My memory is not what it used to be.)

But… what do I know…?

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