Being Patreonizing

I believe in paying for good content.

No, that does not mean Visionary is going subscription–but I believe that people that put out good work or service deserve to be compensated for their efforts. I work in the financial services industry. That means if I do not do my job of helping people with their money, I do not get paid. By the way, banking is not financial services, that is financial scamming through perceived legitimacy.

Anyway… in the face-to-face gaming world–especially roleplaying games–there is just not a large paying market. People put out great content all the time and do not get much monetary compensation for their work, except for accolades and some recognition–if that. I am a big advocate of recognition, but I know that will not feed my family. So when I see great content that I consistently enjoy, I always want to give back to the creators.

Let me put a caveat here before I continue: I like knowing the people behind the content. If I do not like the person or people, I will stop consuming content–no matter how good it is. Also, it does not mean I will back or support everything that comes across my table. I am picky about what I put into my brain–there is only so much space and I want that to all be filled with positive and empowering information.

Matthew Mercer, Kevin Kulp, and Chris Perkins are the best Dungeon Masters I know of. But… the best game mastering advice these days–beyond old articles from The Dungeon Master Experience–is from Gaming and BS and Misdirected Mark. You can read my previous articles about the two shows or look at my comments in In One Week every week. I consistently consume their content, I like the creators, and I like their audiences as well. I have spent hours listening to their shows, typing in the #Chatroom4Life, and finally even spent some time speaking with Chris Sniezak over a meal and drinks. They are not the only creators that I back or Patreonize–I Kick or Patreonize several things–but they are among the most deserving and the ones I back the highest. Why? Because they give me something I can use, rather than just entertain. There is nothing wrong with being entertained, but I write articles and improve my gaming and game mastering because of what I hear from the two shows. So if my money keeps them putting one more show or pays for a drink at a convention, I believe it is money well spent on an hour of podcasting that would otherwise be free anyway.

If you are inclined to take my advice on how to invest your money–like I said, I do it for a living–go Patreonize Gaming and BS and Misdirected Mark. There is lots more to come.

(Yes, I like writing “Patreon” as a verb. Say “Patreonizing” aloud a few times, you will enjoy it too.)

But… what do I know…?

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