The First Journey to D&D Part 17: Beholder Part 2

The session has already started when I got there as I was late due to work and because of this lateness the party already voted without me to go back to get revenge on the beholder. I was very against it… just saying.

If you recall from the last session, 2 of our team members died and we just left the realm of Cormyn’s goddess back to the world we belong trying to find out what to do next. We went back to the vizier as this was the only thing to do. He was very disappointed in us for getting always TPK’ed by a beholder.

Him being the all seeing being that he is, went ahead and recruited 2 companions to aid us in the slaying of the beholder. 1 of the companion was a tiefling rogue and the other a half orc monk. The party made haste to the beholder lair and rushed in since we knew that he was already aware of our presence.

Little did we know that he went ahead and prepared himself for us. As we rushed in the main chamber we noticed that he was wearing a cape and his pet wizard was nowhere to be seen but we knew he couldn’t be very far. I immediately cast darkness on myself and rushed forward, I could see through it due to my warlock invocation, devil’s sight. As I moved forward I noticed the mage popping out of the wall and cast fireball on my team members. At that point the beholder was looking at us but his middle eye was closed, why? we weren’t sure either.

I took this opportunity to misty step closer to the location of the mage, my goal is to get rid of him so that he cannot make our fight more difficult or complicated. The monk too had the same idea and also the fact that he was melee and the beholder was floating 40 ft in the air was a definite contributor.

As I arrived close to where I last saw the wizard all I could find was a wall. I forgot to mention that the lair layout changed and was now harder to move around. Anyways I kinda knew that it was a secret door and just as I was thinking that, I touched the wall and went through. I was now face to face with the wizard, I smiled and unleashed all my attacks on him. Unfortunately it did not kill him, he then drank a potion, turned invisible and based on what I heard he misty stepped away from me.

He was nowhere to be found and instead of looking for him I switched and attacked the beholder. However the beholder was aware of this exchange and knew the danger that we now represented, or that what I would like to believe. He immediately focused fire, all his rays towards 1 person and it was very powerful.

The tiefling was the one doing the most damage to the beholder and he was focused first, he did get a good chunk of damage in before he fell unconscious. I was second as my limited amount of javelin was hurting him and once I started using my eldritch blast from multi classing warlock, he opened his eyes and block any magic coming from my direction. Unfortunately once the tiefling died I was the next on the chopping board.

I had the bad luck of getting hit by the petrifying ray which we had no cure against. On my next turn I failed the saving throw and immediately turned to stone. I tried to make a good pose before becoming a statue. The beholder eventually attack and kill/petrified the rest of the party. If you were wondering where was the pet wizard, well at one point we saw a potion being poured into the beholder mouth then shattering on the floor. We deduced that he was riding on top of it, how he got there? We aren’t sure.

Slowly but surely the session ended with a TPK, the whole team was wiped out. Kudos to our DM for playing the beholder as it was supposed to be played. Looking back we were not prepared for the beholder, we were under leveled and too many of its rays would insta kill us. Having close to no range in the party was no help either.

And folks that is how Draekhill met his faith, petrified in the beholder lair. What is going to happen to the statue? That is something you and I will find out when we decide to go back and continue the campaign.

Until then, let us know how you got TPK’ed, it can’t be as bad as mine.

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