The Blood Hunter Class – First Impression – Character creation

I recently started a new campaign and since our DM allowed us to use customized character I opted to go with the Blood Hunter class created by Matthew Mercer from Critical Role.

What I am going to do today is give you a quick run down of what I found interesting with the Blood Hunter class and how I created mine.

First and foremost the blood hunter class is very dependent on HP as each time he or she activates the crimson rite it takes a portion of the Max HP depending on your level. If you have low HP it could very well help with your demise. It is worth noting that after the rite fades you get the HP back but it does not heal you.

It might takes a few turn to get up to max damage but other than that Blood Hunters are very powerful. First you will need to activate the crimson rite which to the DM discretion if you know a combat is coming up soon, you can skip this step and activate it beforehand. Be aware though that you will have to constantly wield the weapon or else the rite fades. For example drawing your two blades will most likely hinder your ability to open doors quietly.

If you followed the adventure of Draekhill, you know that I played a dual wielder before and I wanted to move away from that due to a lot of range restriction and that stupid beholder… But in any case after brainstorming, I settled with using the hand crossbow as my weapon. Being far from harms way in a sense and still being able to do a lot of damage was appealing and it makes the Blood Hunter extremely powerful.

Originally I wanted to go multi-class Warlock for the perks of having invocations and such but after thinking it over for a long time I chose to go with the Order of the Profane Soul. This will allow me to get Hex as well as a few utility cantrips and still progress with the Blood Hunter levels

I also went with a Human character for the ability to take a feat from the beginning and you might have guessed it, I took crossbow expert. The ability to shoot twice in 1 turn with the addition of the crimson rite damage was huge in the early levels. I pretty much took care of most of the enemies myself.

I have yet to endure a full battle where I could use the character to its full potential but as a first review I can tell you that the Blood Hunter is a very powerful class. It could be better if the Hit Dice was reduced from 1D10 to 1D8 for balancing purposes. As for the damage it can potentially deal, Blood Hunters will surpass rogue and rangers in term of damages.
Stay tuned for part two!

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