Blood Hunter – To multi class or to not multi class

We all know that the Blood Hunter class is very powerful and that the most damaging skill of the class is the regular attack but what I am going to go through today is the option to multi class. In a few articles I’ll go through some of the options that I considered when building my Blood Hunter.

Since playing Draekhill I fell in love with warlock. Blood Hunter in a way synergies very well with warlock hence one of his progression going down the warlock path. What I’ll go through today is the pros and cons of both paths. the Order of the Profane Soul and simply multi classing warlock.

First let’s dig into the multi classing option, you would want to alternate level which will slow the progression of the main class. The reason you want to start with multi classing as soon as level 3 or 4 is to have the ability to take Hex. As shown in my previous article Hex could be a huge damage enhancer in big fights. As for the warlock side you would at least want to get to level 2 which would then differ from the Order of the Profane and level 4 would be optimal to get level 2 spell like Darkness or Mysty Step.

At level 2 you would have the options to take 2 invocations which is really useful for survivability. The 2 invocations that would be very useful and that are my go to are Fiendish vigor and Devil’s sight. Fiendish vigor will offer you temporary hit point to take on those pesky fall damage or initial damage from a fight. Devil’s sight with darkness make my favorite combo, if you are range you can cast it on yourself and it will give you an extra layer of protection as the enemies will not be able to see or target you but it will not apply to you. It is very much like being camouflaged. This work better in melee with the enemies in the bubble they will have disadvantage to all their attacks. Mind you that this also affects the your allies so use it wisely. You also get to choose different spells granted by your God as well as the ability of having a pact weapon.

Now for the order of the profane soul, which I went with for my character, the advantage is that you get to progress with the Blood Hunter class. What that means is increasing the Rite damage faster as well as unlocking Blood Hunter skills. Now i would suggest looking at those skills before you select the path to follow for as Blood Hunter as we know focuses on tracking and eliminating demons, feys and fiends. If your campaign does not focus on those types then the abilities will be close to useless. For example Grim psychology if you are playing a pre generated module that skill will be ultimately useless due to the majority of DM not knowing the evil past of an item if they are not written in the book. Later abilities are great but not game breaking. That is pretty much the advantage of going with this Order, since the main and most damaging skill of the Blood Hunter is the basic attack, you will want to increase the Rite damage as soon as possible.

Currently I find the abilities of the Blood Hunter lacking but rightly so. Even with other classes a lot of abilities do not really contribute to their late game play. A good example is the ranger, you can potentially skip the later skills as they do not really synergize well with the class.

But here is a summary:

Blood Hunter multi classing Warlock
– Access to invocations
– Access to Pact Boon
– Access to Patron abilities

Blood Hunter on Order of the Profane Soul
– Access to higher Rite damage quicker
– Access to Blood Hunter abilities
– higher HP with Blood Hunter hit dices

To be perfectly honest I regret not going with the multi classing option and going for a different order with the Blood Hunter, something that could have added other utilities to the class but the grass is always greener on the other side right?

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