In One Week | Everything Coming Up D&D

A lot can happen In One Weeka weekly article focusing on what gaming things interested or caught my attention in the past week. I will report on what happened in my world of gaming and give you a snapshot of what excited me in the gaming realm at large. How many games are you playing In One Week?

What happened in gaming this week?

Where did my money go this week?

What are my gaming highlights this week?

  • She’s a Super Geek and D&D–or the giggle monster returns, either one. Besides being fun entertainment, I do not think it matters if Senda and Emily are playing “crunchy” D&D or All Outta Bubblegum–the same silly, laughter, inanity, and crazy will occur and that is far from a bad thing. I do believe Rich Howard is stealing the show so far though!
  • I love when Jim McClure has D&D guests on the show. DM Mitch is really entertaining and his origin story is great! As Phil says, “McClure for the feels” each and every week. I also heard some advice from DM Mitch that I need to roll around in the brain before implementing in my own planning.
  • Brett and Sean put out another great episode this week. They really took the long route to get on topic, but nevertheless, I had some great takeaways to think about for my own campaign planning. It is always entertaining listening to them try to articulate what message they are trying to get across, but the organic way they finally zone is half the fun of tuning in! This week they talked about player engagement, but from a very different angle–and final conclusion–than I would have expected.
  • I finally managed a night with old board game friends and won two of three games. Back in the day it would be easier to attend nearly every week. Now… not so much.
  • As always, I won’t go into Misdirected Mark here, but please tune in Tuesday for Cutting Words and the #Chatroom4Life at 8:45 PM with the Queen!

What excited me the most in gaming this week?

  • Everything is coming up D&D lately, especially this past week! She’s a Super Geek dropped a D&D podcast, TTT had DM Mitch on, two tables of gamers turned out for D&D Adventurers League on Sunday, Wizards of the Coast had their official announcement for Storm King’s Thunder, and a couple players from the Monday night game are taking on the DM’s chair for new campaigns or designing one-shots. I even had a co-worker approach me to teach her “this D&D thing”. The D&D-verse is expanding I am am very happy to be part of it. This is not really news, but I just feel really great about where the game is now and the future it holds–for the roleplaying game industry and beyond. MORE D&D!

What was your gaming week like? 

But… what do I know…?

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