Cutting Words | Most Maligned Characters

Cutting Words is a weekly review of Misdirected Mark–a summary of what games, what definitions, and what advice came from the lips of Christopher Sniezak and Phil Vecchione about “gaming and game mastering“. Of course, be there LIVE and strap in for the #Chatroom4Life with Bob Everson every Tuesday–because really, the show is about entertaining YOU, the listener!

The sensitive topic of a Game Master running a player character during their campaign. This was definitely a challenge worthy of Chris and Phil–not as difficult as inclusion, but in the sense that few, if any, people have good experiences or things to say about a GM PC. The best thing that they said during the show is about the benefits of having such a character. Actually, I felt they did not go in depth enough about those benefits! While it is important is know what and how to avoid the pitfalls and disasters, appealing to the strengths of GM PCs using Chris and Phil’s insights would have really have turned this episode up a notch. Overall, they talked about benefits and pitfalls, and of course, techniques to utilize GM PCs effectively without stepping on the toes of the players. This was a good eye-opener for GMs who wonder what to do in regards to controlling a player character.

The main takeaway from this episode is pretty simple, but pretty important: do not be afraid of having a GM PC done right. Listen to the episode for what “done right” means. They are valuable tools. The fear and hesitation comes the negative experiences and talk of other people talking about other GMs–which does not have to be you! Empower yourself to do it right!

One thing I felt that the episode was missing would be how to deal with the negative emotions players already have about a GM PC and how to overcome them quickly–since it is already a pre-existing stigma.

Also, Chris, do not change the Tuesday schedule!

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But… what do I know…?

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