Tyranny of Dragons | Castle in the Clouds

Half-black dragon, white dragon, Red Wizards, giants, and a flying castle full of enemies… this was a generally fun session.

Without revealing too many specifics about the chapter, having multiple spellcasters able to layer down spells in a surprise round is very effective. The party snuck aboard the flying castle–and attached giant iceberg–and were able to recon around. We bypassed guards and struck directly at the leaders, taking them out one-by-one. It was nice because there was no plot armor on our targets this time. With so many enemies around, being sneaky and tactical was the only logical choice. The silence spell is great for parties, especially to disable enemy spellcasters–nearly every spell has a verbal component–but sucks for dealing thunder damage. We swept through the rooms with lethal abandon.

The session ran long–as to be expected with essentially a dungeon crawl–but instead of carrying over to next session, the DM used his board game rules to finish the rest of the combats. So he hand waved what were potentially interesting combat encounters.

As 5th level spells go, destructive wave is a particularly nice spell, especially when able to maximize the thunder damage. Sleet storm was effective as well against the low Dexterity white dragon, knocking it out of the sky. A lot of spellcasting this session…

I have some additional thoughts about the character and the campaign, but I am going to think about them more before speaking them aloud.

But… what do I know…?


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