Blood Hunter X/Fighter 3

Alright back into the fray, today I want to talk about another combination to the Blood Hunter class that really enhances its dynamics. That is the multi-classing of the Blood Hunter with the Fighter class.

We all know that the Fighter class is a very versatile class thus making it a great candidate for multi-classing with the Blood Hunter class. Let me go through with you what benefit you will get by multi-classing into Fighter.

The abilities the character will eventually obtain based on Blood Hunter X/ Fighter 3 are ‘Second Wind’, ‘Action Surge’ as well as ‘Improved Critical’ when you go with the ‘Champion’ Martial Archetypes. The Blood Hunter class does not have much healing skills which makes ‘Second Wind’ a good to have in a pinch. The ‘Action Surge’ skill can be very devastating to your enemies, imagine having your Rite damage + ‘Hex’ if you went with the ‘Order of the Profane Soul’ on an enemy then activating ‘Action Surge’ for a possibility of 6 attacks… Devastating!

‘Action Surge’ together with ‘Improved Critical’ will work against your luck to gives you more chance to roll either a 19 or 20. When I was building my Blood Hunter, Fighter was a very good choice to multi-class into. As mentioned above, I would have gone with the ‘Order of the Profane Soul’ and picked up ‘Hex’ with the ‘Archery’ fighting style. I love long range by the way, it gives you way more options like fighting a Beholder for example. After taking the ‘Crossbow Expert’ feat, I will have the opportunity to attack 3 times at level 5. After level 5, I would go with Fighter up to level 3 or 4 depending if one of my stats need increase or take another feat.

Human race is a good plus as you get to start with a feat and I chose the ‘Crossbow Expert’ one. Combining all this together you pretty much are a machine gun doing all sort of damages to a single target. It does take a few round to get everything set up but if we are talking about fighting a dragon, it is totally doable.

As always multi-classing Blood Hunter will give you a lower Rite Damage because of the slower progression into the class but is this drawback worth it?

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