In One Week | Gamers and Friends

A lot can happen In One Weeka weekly article focusing on what gaming things interested or caught my attention in the past week. I will report on what happened in my world of gaming and give you a snapshot of what excited me in the gaming realm at large. How many games are you playing In One Week?

What happened in gaming this week?

Where did my money go this week?

What are my gaming highlights this week?

  • Podcast DEBT! Apologies everyone, I did listen to podcasts this week, but distractedly between meetings and appointments. I have no retention when I am mentally preparing to see clients. Please go listen to my favorites–see above–and give them some love.
  • Two separate and distinct people mentioned Matthew Colville to me this past week. Upon quick inspection, he is funny and informative–but mostly importantly, encouraging and positive. He is also direct and honest, as far as I have discovered. I only started skimming a few episodes, but I will be adding him into the rotation.
  • As always, I won’t go into Misdirected Mark here, but please tune in Tuesday for Cutting Words and the #Chatroom4Life at 8:45 PM with the Queen!

What excited me the most in gaming this week?

  • Not specifically gaming related, but four of my closest friends came over to help move and assemble furniture on Saturday. They all know each other through my wedding or other events, but they basically all met through me. I spoke with my wife about them afterwards–each of them I have found common interests through gaming. Some we play D&D together, another video games, yet another board games originally. I have met and have known them each for differing periods of time, from as recently as 2014 all the way back to 1988. However, each of them took time out of their schedules, away from kids or spouses, grabbed pizza and a drink, and helped me prepare for the coming addition to my family. I am pretty lucky to know a bunch of good gamers–and friends.

What was your gaming week like? 

But… what do I know…?

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