Cutting Words | Who’s the Player?

Cutting Words is a weekly review of Misdirected Mark–a summary of what games, what definitions, and what advice came from the lips of Christopher Sniezak and Phil Vecchione about “gaming and game mastering”. Of course, be there LIVE and strap in for the #Chatroom4Life with Bob Everson every Tuesday–because really, the show is about entertaining YOU, the listener!

Last episode of Misdirected Mark was so fun and amusing and I missed it!

If you are a regular listener of the show or of Gaming and BS, you would have recognized the ten topics that Chris and Bob went through, discussing them from the point of view as a play and as a game master. Instead of definitions and discussion, it was a rapid fire–as much as can be said for this show–back and forth between the hosts and the #Chatroom4Life. I am very surprised that the chatroom managed to stay on topic and relevancy for the majority of it. Perhaps the deviating influences were not available for the evening. Wait…

I believe that Misdirected Mark is the one of the most important game mastering podcasts, but it was really good to see the player perspective here. Sometimes that is lost in all focus on the person behind the screen and the power they wield. Always nice to see Bob more active on the mics instead of the stabilizing–or perhaps, instigating–influence in the chat. Also nice to see Florence again, who brings a hilarious counterpoint.

There is lots of valuable information in the episode, but no takeaways this time. This was truly an enjoyable episode to listen to–a cleansing breath–before the show gets back onto is original path. This was also a great time to step up “Haaave you met Bob?” with Mr. Everson front and left. Interlude, intermission, third act funny–now back to your regular programming!

Done reading my ramblings? Check out the Misdirected Mark Google+ community for more to do between episodes, check out Talking Games and Down with D&D on the network, become a Patreon of the show, but do not be late for the #Chatroom4Life at 8:45 PM Tuesday nights and join the discussion LIVE! 

But… what do I know…?

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