Blood Hunter/Paladin

I did not play much paladin, nor did I see many people play it but after looking at the paladin’s abilities I thought to myself, wouldn’t that class be nice to multi-class with my Blood Hunter? Well let me show you.

You have the choice to go with ‘Two-Weapon Fighting’ style or ‘Great Weapon Fighting’ since the Paladin’s skills requires melee attacks. ‘Great Weapon Fighting’ requires more feats than the ‘Two-Weapon Fighting’ but have way more utiliy. The best choice of race when you build the character would be human and optimal campaign is to fight undeads. Human is necessary because you get to start with a feat at first level instead of stats boost. The 3 feats that are needed are ‘Polearm Master’, ‘Sentinel’, ‘Great Weapon Master’ in that order. You might have guessed that my weapon of choice will be a polearm and that is totally right. According to the Blood Hunter class both end of the weapon can be enchanted with a different Rite. The shortfall is that you will have to reduce your max hp by twice your level so constitution is key here.

You would first increase the level of your Blood Hunter to 5 and then multi-class into Paladin. You would want at least 3 level in Paladin and what that will give you are ‘Divine Sense’, ‘Lay on Hands’, ‘Divine Smite’ and ‘Divine Health’, they are all a welcomed addition to the Blood Hunter abilities. You would want to go with ‘Oath of Vengeance’ so you can have more chance of hitting when using the -5 to hit +10 damage combo with ‘Vow of Enmity’. The goal here is to have as many rolls as you can to score a critical or a hit with the ‘Great Weapon Fighting’ ability. This will ensure that your enemy does not live long.

Here is how your damage will look like on a 16 Blood Hunter / 4 Paladin (approximately) :

– Rite Damage: 1D10 = 5
– Glaive attack: 1D10 = 5 + 7 modifier
– Option to use the ‘Great Weapon Master’ feat: 10
– Hunter’s Mark: 1D6 = 3 (Available with Oath of Vengeance)
– Divine Smite: 2D8 = 8

Total: 38. During your turn on average and you have 3 attacks per round. Granted the end of the polearm will deal a less damage but not very significant.

As for the Blood Hunter’s Order it does not really matter but I would go with ‘Order of the GhostSlayer’ for the radiant damage and utility. 

The ‘Sentinel’ feat together with the range of the polearm weapon can be used to hinder the movement of an enemy when they are trying to move through you or away from you. This combo will help you keep most of the enemy lock to your side. 

Try this build and let me know what you think.


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