Vanilla Blood Hunter

I have been exploring multi-classing the Blood Hunter class with other compatible classes but for science I went ahead and went pure Blood Hunter for the campaign I am currently playing.

My current build:-
Crossbow Expert

Hand Crossbow

Studded Leather

Order of the Profane Soul.

Slippers of spider climb


I am currently playing a campaign with a lot of dragons and having a range Blood Hunter is proving very useful in tough situation. We have fell two white dragons and more to come. My experience playing as vanilla Blood Hunter is that I am not really excited leveling up. The class itself is amazing but as my previous article showed it is very well worth it multi-classing with another class.

I am currently a level 13 Blood Hunter and soon to be multi-classing with Fighter and my role at the moment is the DPS of the group. I carry a few utilities and using them will affect my DPS in the long run. With the Order of the Profane Soul I am able to get some spells from the Warlock class but the usage has a restricted amount of use. some of the spells I took are ‘Misty Step’ ,’Hold Person’ , ‘Fly’ and a few others. Those provides the most utility for my team against dragons and such. Since I am the DPS of the team I need to keep a slot at all time to use ‘Hex’, just in case a dragon swoops in and decide to eat us. That means you have to be very careful when to use your slots.

To be honest I love how the Blood Hunter plays and anticipating a battle is a crucial as it will save you a bonus action in the first round. The reason I am moving to multi-classing is to provide myself with a few more utility skill, mainly ‘Action Surge’ and ‘Second Wind’. I will also be going for level 3 Fighter to give myself some additional utilities.

Playing vanilla is very fun but against dragons and other threats aside from undeads you aren’t using your power to its full potential. There is really no point going to far into the Blood Hunter class. I will give you a first hand experience on how the next few chapters of the campaign goes with the multi-classing.

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