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Cutting Words is a weekly review of Misdirected Mark–a summary of what games, what definitions, and what advice came from the lips of Christopher Sniezak and Phil Vecchione about “gaming and game mastering”. Of course, be there LIVE and strap in for the #Chatroom4Life with Bob Everson every Tuesday–because really, the show is about entertaining YOU, the listener!

No, there is no The Six Million Dollar Man montage going on here. Misdirected Mark talked about new player friendly games to introduce people into the hobby. We now have the technology to have a robust but user-friendly game where a newcomer will not immediately flee from the rulebook. This does not mean that more complex or crunchier games are not good, fun, or relevant–but perhaps removing complexity as a barrier to gaming helps expand the hobby.

Chris and Phil really did an excellent summary of the available technologies that games have to make the overall experience easier and more enjoyable. I really liked how they specifically honed in on what each piece of technology addresses and solves in a game–like character creation and options with a “playbook”, everything you need for the character is on the page.

The takeaway from this episode is great for game masters and also a word of caution. The techniques and technology really narrows down some of the issues gamers or games may have introducing a new player. They are pulled from different games and can be applied individually to patch or solve those issues. However, applying any of those technologies without a good understanding or by modifying an existing game may cause house rule bloat that creates another problem altogether. As with the application of any technology, study and analyze before diving in head-first without a life jacket. A “rules light” system with a lot of house rules tacked on defeats the purpose and intent!

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But… what do I know…?

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