The Last Man Standing Mode

Alright, we are taking a break from our campaign so the update to the multi-classing of my Blood Hunter will have to wait. Today I want to throw something at you guys and I would like some feedback.

Since our DM will be away for the month of July I opted to get my feet wet with DMing which will happen next Monday, I will let you know how that goes. Anyways I wanted to run a homebrew game for my friends however I received instant feedback against the idea. I will elaborate in just a moment.

The idea is having a game similar to the ‘Hunger Games’ and how that will unfold is basically the players will start at level 3 and choose their fighting style. Some classes will be overpowered and therefore to make it fair all casters type will not be allowed as a character. What is left are melee or range characters such as rogue, ranger or fighter. I am still looking whether or not barbarian would be allowed due to the fact that it might be too overpowered against other level 3s.

Similar to the ‘Hunger Games’ you would start in the middle of the map and the map will be a grid with letters and numbers to identify specific squares. To start the middle will be clear with weapons, the players when reaching this spot will have to roll for perception and if he/she rolls high enough he/she will find their weapon of choice or if they failed the roll they will receive one chosen by the DM. It could be dagger, short sword, bow and arrows, staff etc. They will also receive a bag with ration for 1 day and traps.

Now the traps are interesting as it will be set by handing a paper with the letter and number indicating the square. The traps depending on the kind will either be a radius or a line of 3 squares. The traps that I thought of were
1. Siren Trap – Purpose is to emit a loud noise to indicate when somebody triggers it (Radius 10 ft)
2. Snare Trap – This will restrain a player until they manage to escape (5ft Square)
3. Trip Trap – This one will knock a player prone (Line 15ft)

To set and arm the trap a player will have to write where the trap is set and hand the paper to the DM. The traps also have 1 minute casting time which makes it not efficient in combat.

To prevent meta gaming when moving, the player has to provide the DM of a legitimate goal for their survival, for example I am looking for the closest water source or based on their passive/active perception they can move towards the direction towards where the noise came from. The goal is to be the last man standing. Once I have put more thoughts into this, it might be a good module to run for people who would like to play that kind of game.

The uncompatible part is that D&D is a team game and the ‘Hunger Games’ will defeat this purpose. This ultimately means someone might find the over powered build and kill everyone. To mitigate this the DM can assign a team of 2, instead of being by yourself you would partner with someone and play till the end, the last team wins. Additionally you would want people who do not mind killing people around the table since D&D is rightly so based on player cooperation. There will  be a few who will be unwilling to fight people in the same room.

Well that is that, this is just a seed to plant in your head and see how it develops.

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