First Time DM – Part 2

Back to the fray! Since last time I have talked a little about my first DMing experience (D&D Adventurers League module, No Foolish Matter) and I will be DMing again this coming week! I will definitely let you know how that goes and hopefully it will be very interesting. Let’s resume where we left off.

After the I made a monkey speak and getting the trainer yelled at for starving his monkeys, they party proceeded towards their next hint that they managed to pull from the trainer. They went to see the Carnival owner, I will call him the Doctor.

The Doctor’s wagon was situated in the far corner of the Carnival guarded by fools. On the way there I threw something to show the party how annoying the fools can be. As part of the module if the players are lost you can throw in random events to guide them along but my group of Paladins knew exactly what they needed to do and I wanted to have some fun.

The fools started out harmless but as they approached the Doctor’s wagon they started showing sign of aggression. At one point before they reached the wagon, all three fools jumped on each adventurer and 1 of them succeeded with the grapple check and was able to snatched the weapons away. At that point before combat was going to erupt but as per the module a security guard jumped in and scared the fools away leaving the stolen weapons behind. Even the guard did not like the fools

Upon reaching the wagon, the fools on guard duty made a line to prevent passage to the party. These fools were not aggressive but very strict on letting no one go through. As the weapons started to be drawn the Doctor suddenly burst out of his wagon and handled the situation, ordering the fools to leave him for now.

After a few role play of the Doctor, which I feel I could have done a better job at being rude, they managed to extract the name of a new attraction, Madame Darkness the fortune teller, as well as the ignorance of the sickness spreading after the Carnival. After leaving the Doctor to his business they headed towards the fortune teller, Madame Darkness and paid the entry fees. They did manage to obtain their next target though through casual conversation, the location of the mirror maze located at the centre of the Carnival.

On the way to the maze they saw at the corner of their eyes an elderly lady acting strangely(I originally forgot that part but was reminded promptly of it). The lady in question was indeed Aelia and she was not acting the same way she did earlier that day. A whole bunch of stuff happened to her from talking to herself to convulsing. One party member decided to see if a disease was the culprit of this strange behavior and in order to investigate he had to touch her… Unfortunately he made the save against madness accumulation when suddenly a few fools and a few rats jumped in and that when we roll for initiative the first time.

I did think of the party being weak but I was totally wrong. What I did not realize is all the players in the party did play D&D for quite some time and took care of this encounter quickly. I did forget a few key points in combat like the ‘Pact Tactics’ and they managed to charm the beasts rendering them useless. After an easy combat and I feel it was too easy so I upped their difficulty level for their next encounter.

When the party reached the maze, the fools hanging around it all of the sudden started walking away from it leaving the doorway . Once inside the team had to choose a sequence of direction to get towards the center room. Although they failed the first few times they managed to get the sequence right and moved on to the center room.

As they reach the main room, they quickly saw the prisoners and help free them when suddenly one of the villagers started acting strange. That villager changed into Aelia which cause the real Aelia to run in madness and bash her head into the nearby wall causing 1 point of damage. That was the boss. I upped the difficulty and use lair action but even that the last boss did not last long against them. I messed up the count of enemies and played the boss wrong but that my fault for not preparing enough. In the end the boss attacked one time and due to one of the Paladin abilities he was able to find the shapeshifter amongs the crowd of villagers rather easily. A rather disappointing end but that taught me that you don’t have to be scared upping the difficulty of the battle. As the mirror maze collapse the Carnival was in disarray but was soon calmed by the real Doctor back in charge.

With that this ends my first DMing experience which was quite pleasant and a lot of stuff that happened that I would have never expected. More to come!

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