In One Week | Gaming with Baby

A lot can happen In One Weeka weekly article focusing on what gaming things interested or caught my attention in the past week. I will report on what happened in my world of gaming and give you a snapshot of what excited me in the gaming realm at large. How many games are you playing In One Week?

Please note there may be disruptions in the weekly schedules for In One Week and Cutting Words as I become a first-time parent. Thank you for your patience and understanding–and send all your comments to Alex!

What happened in gaming this week?

Where did my money go this week?

What are my gaming highlights this week?

  • I received another “Wizard’s Apprentice” Dungeon Master Quest Reward this week when G ran Bane of the Tradeways for the Monday night group. It was a great challenge to juggle to many elements, but it was really fun to play. Check out his thoughts on the experience.
  • I require a thesaurus for new ways to say how “good” or “excellent” things are–especially when it comes to podcasts. My podcast debt grows, but I listened to Down with D&D–last week’s and the previous one–and it really made me happy. Aside from the topic of children and gaming, the sheer impact and magnitude in which D&D has affected people’s lives is so encouraging and powerful. Go listen, it is important.
  • Dragon Talk interviewed Ethan Gilsdorf about his TEDx talk. The theme of this week seemed to be the impact of D&D on the entire world. I believe–as many do–that D&D and gaming in general have an immensely positive impact on people’s lives. When good people have good things then they have great accomplishments. It all starts with D&D.
  • While waiting, I spent more time reading Savage Rifts this week. Also, trying to collect images and convert weapons from the original into Savage Worlds.
  • I apologize to everyone waiting for Cutting Words every week as my recent schedule has not allowed good time for an up-to-spec review of Misdirected Mark, but please tune in Tuesday for an occasional Cutting Words review and the #Chatroom4Life at 8:45 PM! I will do my best to put up a few Out of Context Theatre quotes on Tuesday!

What excited me the most in gaming this week?

  • I started reading the Player’s Handbook to my newborn daughter on Thursday while spending some outdoor time together. I am not sure she is really getting much rules mastery yet, but she can lift her head and can probably toss a d20 pretty far–attention span could use a little work too. So what will the future gaming hold for her…? Probably Dragonlance and maybe Rifts after that. In all semi-seriousness though, I have heard many people talk about D&D as a generational game and I cannot wait to see that happen. No to belabor the point… but my daughter was born July 27, 2016 to loving parents and excited family and friends.

What was your gaming week like? 

But… what do I know…?

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