The Weapons of Vox Machina

I am going to put a spoiler alert on this article as it does go into what happened in the last episode of Critical Roles. I just want to talk about their weapons!

First of all I like the concept of weapon being strong not overpowered but strong and as a balance to its strength the user will have to suffer a bit. For example in Critical Role, Grog had the craving edge, very powerful but alas we don’t know what it did to him. Let’s just assume it was really bad. That weapon was fantastic though after a number of hit it would evolve and deal even more damage! Usually as the fight goes on characters tend to get weaker due to the usage of spells both defensive and aggressive. Similarly Percy’s old pistol harbored a dark entity that would control his intention from time to time. My point is those weapons are great and add some depth to the game but you also must be able to role-play it. Unfortunately those weapon are only temporary, if you all are like me you would like to keep it and deal with consequences later but eventually another weapon will come along and replace it or your friends might take it and send it to another dimension, you don’t know. I feel that those kind of weapon should be more frequent in the module as a double edge sword to include some depth to the characters.

Currently we are at the point where 3 vestiges were found by the members of Vox Machina not including the Vax’s armor and the newest one being the bow for Vex. After listening to its ability it seems that she would have to switch from the bow of Sky Sentinel for it’s 3 arrow ability and back to the vestiges. The ability of the new found bow is good but can no way beat the 3 arrows for 1 attack. If you saw the last episode you noticed that Grog and Scanlan tried to upgrade their weapon, unfortunately very unsuccessful. This made me think what should you do to upgrade an already powerful weapon. Matt Mercer probably told them it could upgraded but this is as far as he went. It would be logical for the prerequisite to match the background of the weapon. Maybe Grog’s gauntlet will upgrade after he kills a number of foes with his fist instead of axe. I had a weapon like that during my first D&D game and it was an improvised weapon (a table leg). That table leg upgraded once when I reached level 9, that was the prerequisite. I was told too that it was not its final form! Unfortunately it was turned to stone with its owner and we will leave it at that. I feel those kind of weapon would last longer than the double edge weapons but they would start out weak and depending on the user, how long would it take for it to upgrade.

So far my favorite vestige is Scalan due to the fact that it can mess the enemy and it did play an important role in taking down Kevdak. What is your favorite vestiges so far?

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