How It’s Played

I do not generally spend much time on Twitter–I find it a bit difficult to navigate and track back topics–but I opened the social media platform last week and saw this:

The original article by DM David talks about the changes coming for Season 8 of D&D Adventurers League and the “play to win” attitude that some gamers have. I want to emphasize this is not all gamers, but it is not a stretch to assume that the most vocal and toxic opponents of the upcoming changes are probably the ones with that attitude.

I am really saddened by this. There is enough division and vitriol in the world today that we do not need anymore in our games. It is not the face that we want to show new players or the way to welcome them into the Facebook community. People are angry, but the way that anger is expressed is so damaging. I am so sorry for the admins who need to absorb the unnecessary attacks, they are real troopers through all of this.

I hope people take to heart that the Wizards of the Coast does not base its decisions on D&D Adventurers League or the angry people who are just proving the research correct. The perception that they are the only pool of gamers that matters to the designers is just over-inflated presumption. The rage quit just removes one “unpopular” number from the pool.

There is no real point to this article, I just wanted to express my disappointment. You can hear a more detailed explanation of my feelings regarding this matter on The Lounge with Doc, coming out soon.

(Edit: Listen to the episode here.)

Go play D&D in a way that is healthy and productive and fun. If you do not want to play D&D, go do something else healthy and productive and fun. Leave the anger at the door, it is not welcome here.

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