How to Trust No One

A lot has happened since last week when I last updated regarding the Fear Reveals Truth adventure path. The next adventure is still coming along–outline and scenes are pretty solid, and writing is progressing–but with conventions and personal matters creeping into the mix, my fear is that the tentative release date we are planning on might require some rescheduling.

Regardless, I wanted to give some information regarding the Trust No One, the second chapter in the Fear Reveals Truth series. This adventure brings back Dalia Dorian Korran as one of the important faces that the characters encounter. We are commissioning new art for Dalia, which has me all excited. We really wanted a call back to the ideas and threads we planted in the first adventure.

Speaking of Curtain Call, I am very proud to say that it went Electrum best seller over the weekend! It is my first Electrum product and it even appeared briefly on the top 10 Hottest Titles this morning. The adventure currently sits at 11th on the Top 100 list as well.


If Fear Reveals Truth was a novel, there are a lot of character and narrative promises we made with the first chapter that we need to pay off in a satisfying way. I have looked at the rest of the adventure path and I hope we do those ideas justice. It is definitely our responsibility to try!

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