Eberron Community Highlights

There was not much to report regarding Trust No One this week. We are about 50% through the process and a couple groups will receive a playtest version for feedback in the next few days. I started thinking about the next chapter in the Fear Reveals Truth series, but it is too early in the stage for actual development.

Instead I wanted to highlight is some of the other authors in the Eberron community who are putting out work that is worth taking a look!

First off is The Saviour of Sharn, a solo Eberron adventure by Paul Bilmer, also known as 5E Solo Gamebooks on DMs Guild. Paul is the author of the Platinum best seller The Death Knight’s Squire, averaging a 4.7 / 5 rating. “Choose Your Own Adventure” books were a favorite of mine in the past, scratching the itch of reading and playing D&D, when no one else was around to game. The incredible amount of work that goes into creating something like this definite deserves mention.

Next is Eberron Archetypes: Heroes of the Five Nations by Jeremy Forbing. If the author sounds familiar, you might have seen his name attached to several other Platinum best seller projects on DMs Guild. Jeremy has several titles involving class archetypes or spellls, as well as credits on several Convention Created Content adventures.

Finally, take a look at the writer behind The Korranberg Chronicle series, Anthony Turco. Before July 23rd, Anthony had a website of Eberron conversions for 5th Edition–now it is slowly being translated to DMs Guild by this prolific designer. The Korranberg Chronicle: Adventurer’s Almanac collaboration is currently available “pay what you want” until September 8th. I have the pleasure of working with Anthony on a DMs Guild project currently, Pregenerated Characters for Eberron Campaigns, which is coming soon!

More about Trust No One next time…

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