Characters for Eberron

(Get Pregenerated Characters for Eberron Campaigns on DMs Guild!)

The Eberron Campaign Player’s Guide and Eberron Campaign Dungeon Master’s Guide were released onto the Wizards of the Coast site and available on DMs Guild. September 21, 2018 officially kicks off the campaign, if the documents are any indication. That is only a week away at the time of this post.

Undoubtedly there are many people who want to try the new campaign, but may have little or no knowledge of Eberron and the things that set it apart from a traditional high fantasy setting, like Forgotten Realms. It would be a shame to see that rich history not get its due. In order to introduce new players to Eberron, a few designers got together to create Pregenerated Characters for Eberron Campaigns, a resource of 13 character sheets with Eberron-themed characters. Each character has a few paragraphs about their role and background in the setting, as well as some ideas about why they are in Sharn to start their lives as heroes.

The best part? The characters were created to be compliant with the D&D Adventurers League Eberron Campaign rules! Pick up a sheet and jump into a game!

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