Commercial Use Maps

For the past few months, I have scoured the DMs Guild and other resources for images I can use for commercial projects. All the portraits from Pregenerated Characters for Eberron Campaigns came from the Guild, for example, but it is difficult to find certain races represented. Landscapes and scenes are the most difficult.

One of the BEST resources for personal and commercial use are the maps by Dyson Logos on Dyson’s Dodecahedron. This gentleman is Canadian, a cartographer for Wizards of the Coast, and has an awesome name. By the way, he has a Patreon if you are interested in supporting him.

Maps are easy–wait me to finish before commenting–but good maps are difficult. Also, if your forte is writing or designing, maps might not be your thing (unless you are Chris Perkins). To have incredibly generous access to years worth of professional maps for commercial use is not something to be overlooked. Many a time, designers have looked at a piece of art or a map and designed according to it, inspired by it.

For Trust No One, we were able to find a very suitable map from Dyson’s collection to represent the final scene of the adventure (see Featured Image). If you intend to play the adventure, do not look at the full map (spoilers)!

Expect to see more of Dyson’s work in chapter 3 of Fear Reveals Truth later on in the year.

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