What is Project: Hypothetical?

A few weeks back, I posted a miniature rant. In essence, something is wrong with the current Eberron organized play campaign. Seriously wrong. In the intervening weeks, the Heists of the Last War adventure series has gotten worse. Not a week goes by with a heist adventure, most of which have never seen the inside of an Eberron sourcebook, let alone a map of Khorvaire. Such obvious oversight and no word of apology or explanation from the editor.

So advance the timeline a few weeks and a new group of designers is gathered to do what Embers of the Last War could not: Deliver a campaign that fans of Eberron can get behind, because it is made by the fans, for the fans.

It starts with a premise, the Baker’s dozen. Then sensible outlines that work as individual adventures, but also as a complete campaign story–not heist-of-the-week. Bring in a team of editors that knows the subject matter, but also knows how to edit. Mix in a dash of the creator of Eberron to be a lore consultant and producer. Finally, ask designers from the Eberron community to contribute as writers and artists–people who care about the setting and enjoy it.

Project: Hypothetical is something I will talk more in-depth about in the coming months, but season 1 begins in February. If you are a fan of Eberron or want to understand the setting of swashbuckling action and dark intrigue, then I encourage you to stay tuned.

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