Hacks | Shticks

A shtick (Yiddish: שטיק‎) (or schtick) is a comic theme or gimmick. Whenever I create a character, I always choose a theme or gimmick--a shtick--that I hang the mechanics and personality--and often backstory--around. This is more focused than a character concept. I want do that cool thing in a specific way and build upon it. Most of the …

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Hacks | Defeating Giants

It was officially announced on June 1st that the fall 2016 D&D storyline will be Storm King's Thunder, a giant-based campaign inspired by King Lear. If you look on the product page, you can see the picture with King Hekaton, a blue dragon, and three women which may be his daughters. The one on the right …

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Hacks | The Original Gish

Gish, otherwise known as a fighter/wizard, is one of my favorite character types. In 5th Edition, this can be very effectively built using any number of techniques, including--but not limited to--the Eldritch Knight, fighter/wizard or fighter/sorcerer, Pact of the Blade warlock, and various other esoteric class and spell combinations. However, the original gish comes from githyanki …

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