‘Mech Gallery

Clan Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy were in the first batch of ‘Mechs I asked Les Mandeville to paint for me. The color scheme is one of my dead favorites (regardless what happens to the Clan later on in the lore).

Wolf’s Dragoons are my favorite organization in the lore and they are relevant for most of BattleTech history. While “midnight blue” is the designated color for Gamma Regiment, it is not clear what that color actually is.

Of course, most fans of Wolf’s Dragoons will have a few Black Widow Company/Battalion thrown in. The Dragoons are one of the canon units that use Clan ‘Mechs extensively, so they start their appearance here.

Another storied mercenary unit, the Kell Hounds, existed early on in BattleTech lore. Here is a reinforced Company of Unseen ‘Mechs, as well as the “Robotech” group of ‘Mechs.

The ComStar Com Guards and a few iconic ‘Mechs for that organization. The telephone company has some pretty cool machines!

Showcase (“Hero”) ‘Mechs are some of the paints that I have asked for recently. Natasha Kerensky, Grayson Carlyle, Morgan Kell, and Jaime Wolf are the start of a series of unique ‘Mechs.

The various elite regiments of the Successor States: Draconis Sword of Light, Federated Suns Davion Brigade of Guards, Capellan Death Commandos, Free Worlds Guards, and Lyran Guards.