Wolf and Dragon

I stopped by to see Paul and Shawn of Focht's News--yes, it facetious--hosting their weekly BattleTech event. Two Draconis Lances vs. a Star of Clan Wolf. The battle went poorly for the Draconis Combine forces, losing 3 'Mechs in a single round to gyro criticals and ammo explosions! Clan vs. Inner Sphere does not equal …

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An early misstep by the invaders led to their rout. They doubted our resolve, and now we must make their retreat painful and bloody. It is foolish to consider them defeated, but if we succeed now, we may draw them into the sights of even fiercer defenses. Scenario track 2 of the Kapteyn Chaos Campaign …

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Pride Rock

Will any 'Mech brave the heights (and falls) of Pride Rock? This skirmish was just a showcase of jump jets and blocking line of sight. My opponent used my Wolf's Dragoon Lance (Marauder II, Grasshopper, Stinger, Spider) against a scratch-build I threw together (Highlander, Thunderbolt, Mongoose, Mercury). There was quite a conga line going at …

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