Something’s Wrong in Sharn

When I started writing blog entries again on this site, my goal was to have something insightful written every week. It is not for the lack of subject matter that my last post was over a month ago, but a series of unfortunately life circumstances and heavy burnout. Writing is both a creative endeavour and …

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Characters for Eberron

(Get Pregenerated Characters for Eberron Campaigns on DMs Guild!) The Eberron Campaign Player's Guide and Eberron Campaign Dungeon Master's Guide were released onto the Wizards of the Coast site and available on DMs Guild. September 21, 2018 officially kicks off the campaign, if the documents are any indication. That is only a week away at the …

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Fear Reveals Truth: An Eberron Adventure Path

Late in the process of writing Curtain Call: A Sharn Adventure, we realized there were too many ideas and stories we wanted to bring to the players, but there was not enough time or space to complete any of them in one adventure. Many people have asked whether Curtain Call is the beginning of an "adventure path". …

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