#RPGaDAY 2016 | Best Advice

31st: Best advice you were ever given for your game of choice? A friend told me to listen to Chris Perkin's seminar from Gamehole Con 2015. This got me listening to Gaming and BS, then Misdirected Mark, joining the #Chatroom4Life, writing more articles on Visionary, improving my DM skills, etc. etc., and now we have our …

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#RPGaDAY 2016 | Inspiration

15th: Your best source of inspiration for RPGs? Podcasts--specifically Misdirected Mark and Gaming and BS. Both shows provide the inspirational how to when running games and designing scenarios. #RPGaDAY is brought to you by RPGBrigade and BrigadeCon. For more information, please visit the site for more information and instructions on how to participate!

Cutting Words | Gaming Technology

Cutting Words is a weekly review of Misdirected Mark--a summary of what games, what definitions, and what advice came from the lips of Christopher Sniezak and Phil Vecchione about "gaming and game mastering". Of course, be there LIVE and strap in for the #Chatroom4Life with Bob Everson every Tuesday--because really, the show is about entertaining …

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