#DnDaDay… because spell “Phylacteries”!

Polling liches? Reference: Tales from the Yawning Portal: Phylacteries


#30DaysofDarkSun | Elemental Creature

17. What is your favorite elemental/elemental creature? Including drakes and other elementally defined creatures. "The hide [of a drake] makes excellent armor..." and the earth drake especially. The art for it was pretty good too. Strangely enough, there were not a lot of elementally-themed monsters in Dark Sun. I guess the humanoid races trying to drain …

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#30DaysofDarkSun | Undead

13. What is your favorite undead creature? I only remember the dwarf banshee and dune runner as Dark Sun specific undead--at least for AD&D 2nd Edition. They fit well with the setting information, but never used or encountered either while playing. October 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Dark Sun! #30DaysofDarkSun is brought to you by Athas.org. …

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