Player after being a DM

What I would like to cover today is the small things that you pick up when you DM and you go back to being a player. Everybody DMs differently: even though the module is pretty straight forward everybody adds or remove stuff from it. That is to say, to a certain extent. Here are some things …

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Second Time DM – Part 2

Back to where we left off last time. I had a week to figure out a way to describe how the next encounter will go. A word of advise, if you are running this module and have little experience under your belt, make sure you prepare for the 'Chase' encounter. With the amount of details …

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The Blood Hunter Class – First Impression – Character creation

I recently started a new campaign and since our DM allowed us to use customized character I opted to go with the Blood Hunter class created by Matthew Mercer from Critical Role. What I am going to do today is give you a quick run down of what I found interesting with the Blood Hunter class …

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