#RPGaDAY 2016 | Best Game

2nd: Best game session since August 2015?

We revived our Monday night D&D group after starting Out of the Abyss in November of last year for Extra Life.

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The First Journey to D&D Part 17: Beholder Part 2

The session has already started when I got there as I was late due to work and because of this lateness the party already voted without me to go back to get revenge on the beholder. I was very against it… just saying.

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The First Journey to D&D Part 16

As we recovered from the close TPK we found ourselves in front of the temple of our cleric Cormyn’s goddess and we received the worst welcome ever.

She was not impressed at all, and that was because of the decision our cleric made a while back to not kill the mind flayer who helped us towards the magical library.

As soon as we entered, we felt the hard steel beneath our feet and the smell of iron and blood. As we move forward and reached a chamber, a wave of rusted metal started rising and Belwar and Draekhill were caught in it. We were slammed against the walls constantly taking damage. Cormyn our cleric who managed to escaped launched to our help but before he managed that a dark figure grasps him by the throat.

Note: The next part was written by our DM and our cleric, very well written I would say. This part was done over email to showcase the story of what had happened. I figured it would be nice to give them credit.

The figure squeezes and his breath leaves him as well. The figure begins to enlarge, first the size of an ogre, then a giant. Almost gingerly, it raises the doll-like Cormyn and presses him slowly onto one of the pillar spikes. Cormyn manages a sharp intake of breath as the dirty metal—inch by agonizing inch—punches a hole through his armor and lung before bursting out of his chest in front. The figure withdraws, leaving him dangling like a puppet with his strings cut. He looks down to see his blood running down his torso and legs, dripping onto the floor. He barely registers his companions being slowly engulfed by the waves of metal.

Cormyn lifts his head weakly to look his goddess in the eyes as she contemplates his convulsing form. She is fury and battle personified, even standing still—a whirlwind of explosive energy and battlerage. He can only look at her right eye, but behind the rust red is a sea of endless conquest.

“You are not worthy of Archeron,” she says, “you will die on that spike, your life blood spilled for others to forget.”

She turns back to her throne, “Any last words?”

Cormyn was ashamed of his Goddess’ wrath, and his faith required he accept her punishment as just. But his desire to serve her demanded he speak. Through blood, and fighting for air, he said “My Lady, why would I deliver you the small pleasure of a dead Illithid, when instead there is the greater feast of a war among gods? We have seen signs, and even seen with our own eyes, Demon Lords walking Faerun’s surface. Such challenges to fight, and facing which to call your name! We had to press on, and look what we faced after! A battle…. a battle must be measured against the face of the war. The wretched Mind Flayers must suffer, but how much more strength could I bring against them after defeating the monsters in our way?” His strength spent, and already exhausted from facing the Beholder, Cormyn awaited his Lady’s judgement.

Duerra turns back you[Cormyn], her hand pressing against the spike in your chest. The metal groans as it bends, grating against your armor and ribs. A clear snap can be heard over the din of the crashing metal, then the collapsed form of duergar as it hits the ground with a resounding thud. Immediately the waves of metal subside, leaving the battered forms of Draekhill and Belwar lying in pools of liquid rust and iron slivers. A weak cough brings up metal shavings and blood. The floor greedily drinks it up.

Your eyes flutter open to see the huge goddess looking down at you, beautiful face lined with scars of battle. “Mind flayers receive no quarter.”

Her form rapidly shrinks down to the size of a small ogre as she picks up the dropped mace. A half-hearted blow across the chin reverberates through your head and you feel teeth and jaw crack. “Your love of combat is weak.”

*CLANG* as the mace slams down, crushing armor and ribs on the other side of the spike. A gout of blood leaves your lips. “You talk when you should kill.”

*CRUNCH* as the last swing sends you flying into the wall, a dark stain smeared as your body slumps to the floor. Your mind does not register the heavy booted feet approach until the spike is forcefully pulled from your back, dragging through bone and tissue. You hear a dull clatter as the spike is dropped beside you.

“Return here without blood worthy of my name and you will suffer a thousand indignities before I let your soul rot.”

Duerra turns you over not too gently and lightly kisses your forehead. At that moment, you wish she had left you on the spike and pulled. Crippling pain tears through your body as muscles and bone re-form, your blood boils as it refills your shattered form, and you spend an eternity suffocating as your lungs refuse to draw air.

When you can finally cough, the blood you expect is made of rusted metal liquid instead. You weakly get up to your knees. Duerra looks down at you from her throne, mace in one hand, still dripping with your old blood. “Take the spike—to remind you of this day.”

As she waves her hand and you feel your form being shunted to another dimension, one last whisper comes to your mind…

“Convert one of your friends to my worship or the metal in your blood will kill you all.”

And this is where I will end for today. Stay tuned for what comes next as it will surely be the climax of the story.

Until then, game on at tabletop day!

The First Journey to D&D Part 15: The almighty beholder

In this segment the party decided that their next gathering quest would be to get the middle eye of the beholder. What they did not know is that the beholder is a very smart creature and that ignorance will have severe repercussion.

As we inquired about the beholder, the vizier told us everything that we needed to know to fight it. Unfortunately for us a lot of those attacks from his different eyes would be instant death. For example petrification, paralysis etc and those did not sound appealing at all.

We were under leveled as pointed by our DM but we still proceeded with hunting the beholder. We knew where it was residing, in a lair not too far from the tower. Once in the lair we had to go through a series of labyrinth before we found a few slaves. We stealthily followed them and right before we got to the main chamber we stopped and looked for the beholder.

After a few perception rolls we were able to figure out that the beholder was in the tube going vertically upwards and out of reach at this point. What we failed to realize is all over the lair were eyes. Eyes on the wall, eyes on the ground, eyes all around. Even though we were hidden, we could feel a gaze on us and that is when we had to roll saving throws. Unfortunately 3 of our party member was affected, me included and I was to be sleeping for 7 mins. That is a long time in initiative.

Although with the best effort of our paladin to waste as much time as possible for us to recover, the beholder and his pet wizard were not dumb. They knew what we were aiming to do and quickly went from chit chatting to full on eyes rays and fireballs.

The battle started out good, we did some good damage against the wizard and was hitting the beholder. As mentioned before our DM played the beholder very well. Too well as he was constantly hovering 30 feet in the air to avoid getting hit by the melee people. That was really effective as the only range person was me and I chose to go melee.

We thought we had this battle in the bag until the beholder got bored of toying with us and started to focus fire on 1 team member at a time. He was not alone, his wizard pet was doing quite a bit of damage with his fireball. We immediately knew that this battle was turning for the worst when our paladin who is our tank got hit by the petrification ray and started petrifying. None of us had the spell to revert this condition. Unfortunately he did not make his saving throw and ended up being totally petrified.

Our cleric was next, he was thrown off into a pit taking quite a bit of fall damage and having to spend his turns trying to climb on the smooth wall. Next was our druid, since his death he came back in a more wispy form where he was immune to a lot of stuff with the downside of not able to be healed by anyone but himself. He had the unfortunate luck of being on the receiving end of the charm ray, the only condition he was not immune to and failed the saving throw. The beholder being smart ordered him to protect him at any cost. I was next and managed to survive due to my shadow dragon abilities but what I could not mitigate was his telekinesis ray which threw me down the pit together with our cleric.

While the beholder could not see the enemy party anymore he knew approximately where we were and he was lowering himself onto our position. We thought we were done for until our cleric yelled to come near him. Turns out he was the one keeping the scroll of plane shift which we received from the Githyanki. I managed to get within arm reach just as the beholder was closing in and we teleported out.

To put it into perspective, this whole battle in real life took around 3 hours but in game it was less than 7 mins. The beholder did a very good job decimating our party and it was very close to a TPK.

We appeared just 3 of us, our cleric, our wizard and myself, in front of a temple surrounded by mind flayers corpse. This was our cleric goddess residence and we were not welcomed.

It was a miracle that we were able to make it out alive but that did not hold true for our newly revived druid and our newly revived paladin that ended up dead for good.

Stay tuned for the next segment as the party calls for revenge against the beholder.

The First Journey to D&D Part 14: Purple Wurm

The party having enough of accumulating level of madness decided to move on with the information they had gathered from the library and decided to visit the vizier for a plan to eradicate all demons. In this segment the party will face one of the apex predator.

The party headed toward the vizier’s tower as he requested our presence once we were done with the library. He wanted the same thing we wanted, to get rid of demons. So we did as we were told and headed in his direction. Upon arriving to the so called tower we were greeted with traps, but after a few positive saving throws we appeared in front of him. It was very casual and informal, he pretty much had the same plan as us except in a grander scale.

We were tasked to gather a few ingredients in order to attract all of the demons, it might be a demon’s all you can eat buffet for all I know. I learnt that demons do not fair well when they are in the presence of each other, which was music to my ears. All we needed to do is get all the demons in one place and let the battle royal play out. When the dust settled we would take care of the weakened demon and hope for the best.

Well in order to make that happen we first had to get a purple wurm’s egg. Since we were almost to the wurm’s riding, we decided to make that our first gathering mission. As far as we knew the purple wurm were really dangerous as you might have seen from critical role. Our plan is to sneak in, take the egg and run like the wind. Pretty solid plan I would say.

We made our way towards the entrace-ish of the wurm’s riding when we encountered an individual hidden in the darkness. Judging by the voice we deduced that it was a she. While hostile at first, she became more friendly after some key questions were asked. It turns out she lost her party when trying to retrieve the purple wurm’s egg and was trying to find her way out, except she was lost. Coming out of the darkness we could see that she has been here for quite a bit of time as she seemed very malnourished. We fed her and requested her help to lead us to the nearest wurm’s nest, she agreed with the condition of sharing the loot.

After a few lefts and rights we came upon the largest room we have seen and in there were hanging wurm’s eggs, just what we needed. However from the direction we came in the nearest cluster of eggs were too high and we had to go deeper to find one that we could reach. Delegating 2 of our mobile party member, those with misty step our paladin and myself, we moved stealthily towards our target. When suddenly we noticed with our perception checks that some creatures were moving on the ceiling, our paladin used dancing light which revealed 2 giant spiders moving behind the rocks formation fortunately they were no immediate threat.

Unfortunately a voice suddenly boomed on our left and we saw charging toward us a Fomorian shouting ‘My babies’. We gathered from that phrase that he was the dad, and that was when we rolled initiative. He was not happy and came right at us with his curse beam. Thankfully no wurm was in the vicinity and our cleric kept a watch on any nearby wurm movement. While the rest of the party were distracting the Fomorian, the paladin and I jumped onto a cluster of eggs and managed to pocket 4 eggs before deciding it was time to go.

Our cleric warned us that one of the wurm had definitely sense the anomaly in this room and was on its way here and very close. Most of us made it out of the room and running for our lives when I heard a wurm pop out of the wall next to me and it swallowed me. Fortunately I managed to make it vomit me with minimal damage and I kept running. However the wurm now blocking the exit managed to swallow our druid. The druid was looking pretty rough from having distracted the Fomorian.

Fortunately our cleric had something in the bag, he banished the Fomorian which left us with the giant purple wurm to kill before he digest our druid. We hacked and slashed the thing until the final blow was dealt by our paladin. The Fomorian was long gone and the wurm was dead, we sliced the body open after multiple attempt and the lifeless body of our druid spilled on the ground. Luckily it was still in the right time frame and our cleric revived him but with a twist which I will get to next week.

On our way out we met with the female Drow and what seemed to be a party, since we were pretty low on everything we decided to go with the diplomatic approach and avoid conflict at an cost. The opposite party’s request was a purple wurm’s egg which we already had the intention of giving at least one to the female drow. We proceeded with the exchange and as we circled each other to allow ourselves passage when a darkness spell was cast on them by one of their party member. It was more of a defensive move but the good thing is because of my Devil’s Sight I could perfectly see what they were doing which was putting the egg into a bag of holding from my perception. Our cleric was a little pissed with the darkness spell and used Prestidigitation to make the ground shake underneath them to simulate a purple wurm’s travel. However forgetting the fact that ‘Prestidigitation’ requires verbal component which lead the other party to look inquisitively in our direction.

With the little failed scared tactics we headed back to the vizier’s tower to hand it our first assignment. All it took was the life of one person to get it and after the party some back and forth the party decided to go for the middle eye of a beholder, stay tuned for the new update.

The First Journey to D&D Part 13: Time Library

Have you ever gone to a awesomely cool library that defies time? Well look no more because this is where Draekhill and the party will be visiting in this update.

While searching for the wurm’s riding we came across a Illithid who was suprisingly helpful. He meant no harm and did not seem to be bothered by us. Draekhill not knowing who this creature was prepared to attack. However he did not seem to want to harm us and answered our question promptly. We asked for direction and continued on our way, although there was a slight hesitation with our cleric. His goddess apparently have a undying hate for those creature but he ended up taking the peaceful route. He, our cleric, was getting fed up with being lost and decided to use his spell to contact his goddess to guide us to our destination. On the first try we fell into a shallow river and we followed luminous mushrooms, cool right? On the second time because we got lost again, all the answer was is find the basilisk.

Unfortunately using my ranger sense I could not track any basilisk in the area. So we proceeded with getting lost then after a few hours of wandering we came across a huge basilisk, we got ourselves ready for combat but then he spoke! He was waiting for us and was tasked by someone or something to get us. He did not look at us with his stone gaze and asked us to follow him. We decided since we were already lost we had nothing to lose.

He led us through a series of cave entrances mostly hidden if you did not know they existed which eventually led us to a huge set of doors. As he approached the doors open and we followed. Once inside he retreated to his quarter and any further questions we had he requested we ask the library. That is when we found out we were in an interactive library called the ‘GravenHollow’

At our disposal was a mini golem coming out of nowhere, we could summon it any time but it would not talk only gestured. We had no idea what we had to do here but since it was a library we figured there might be something on the demons in there. There were some individuals walking around that looked ethereal and they could talk and interact with everything in the library. Eventually after asking around we found out that the library had 3 keepers working constantly to bring out new content. The keepers are the past, present and future.

We made our way to the present who was a giant stone like creature from the description that I can remember. He was rather very busy but when we addressed him, everything went into a pause and he listened to our story of the demons while writing it down. He eventually gave us a crystal which I was in charge of. This crystal will allow us to scrye in the past, present and future once per day, more than that you will be gambling with madness.

Well I took the next 4 days to look into the past, present and future, the others went on their way to research everything they could about demons or other outstanding research that needed to be done. As for Draekhill he scryed in the past to find out the origin of the demon and Lolth came to view with a nest full of eggs, the present showed a very vague location of one of the demons and the future showed nothing. Apparently the future was too uncertain for the crystal to show something. On another day the most interesting one was when scrying in the present Draekhill looked at the demon nest and all that was left was Lolth, all the other demons were gone. When looking in the past we found how the demon invasion started, with the help of a very strong sorcerer. It is worth noting that I had to roll a lot of madness saving throw for scrying on Lolth. I managed to make it with the use of inspiration in one case.

On the last day we met with a vizier, a drow, and he also shared the same goal as us to banish the demons from this plane. He asked that we visited him in his tower on our way out. After the party was satisfied with their research and scrying we headed out. Once everyone exited, the door disappeared and all that was left was rock. It looked as if it never existed. We headed out towards the vizier tower, because I knew where it was from his description, we got there in no time. As we were leaving the library we met with our paladin, although not in a gnome form anymore but as a shadow being. He didn’t say anything about his appearance but had a same aura as me, shadowy.

We met with the vizier and he tasked us to collect a few items in order to perform a ritual. The goal of the ritual is to bring all the demons together so that they fight with each other and we would take care of the remaining one. For that to happen he needed a few items which would be from dangerous creatures like beholder, purple wurms etc. We decided since we were near the wurm’s riding we were gonna hunt for purple wurms eggs. The party proceeded with heading there and I will keep the fight for next time, stay tuned!

The First Journey to D&D Part 12: Family Issues

A lot happened during this game session, sad and funny at the same time with the lost of one of our party member. Additionally a shocking twist and confession at the end.

Continuing the story, as the party was heading towards Gauntlgrym we tried to come up with a plan to get in the city because we knew quite well that we had 2 party members that would be killed on sight. We agreed on sending the paladin in to deliver the message from ‘Eldath’ the female dwarf that died at the beginning of the campaign as he was the only one that would be able to get in. However as we were resting waiting for the right time, we were ambushed by the city’s guards and we were led to their leader. Fortunately for us and the reason why we did not roll for initiative is because someone tipped our arrival to him.

Their leader who I shall refer to as ‘Storm Hammer’ wanted to talk to us. We passed on the Eldath’s message and even though he had the same hair color he did not know of Eldath but promised to deliver the message. He had a request for us however, he got wind of the demons coming up from the under dark and he wanted us to investigate why was it happening. I am not sure at that point why we agreed to such a task but it might have been an exchange for them not killing us.

Once we agreed on what we are to do now, a new goal, we were given a feast and a few items of very nice value. More so speaking the bag of holding, we finally got it! Although Storm Hammer did not have any lead as to where the demons are and who we could consult to find out more about the demon, he gave us a name of a place that he thinks would help us. The ‘Worms Riding’.

So there we are at the entrance of place that we tried so hard to escape and we are now willingly heading back to the under dark. Now for Draekhill it was amazing because there was not going to be sunlight sensitivity problem in the under dark so I was pretty happy heading back down. As you all know his behavior changed for the worse when he got cursed by the ‘Shadow Dragon Template’.

We proceeded with entering the under dark heading towards the ‘Worms Riding’. Since Draekhill didn’t know where it was exactly, the party got lost, it was all on him. At one point in our cave traversal we encountered a drow sitting at the base of a pillar of stone. He was looking at us and laughing but not really trying to kill us as the regular drow would have tried by now. Unfortunately what we didn’t know is that this drow was a demon in disguise and he would only be hostile if we touched him. Well guess what happened next? The cleric touched him! Not Draekhill! For once I wanted to just walked around him and continue on with our quest but no, the party wanted to cure him of curses and went ahead and touched him. We rolled for initiative.

The demon itself was rather easy to handle but the pillar was the source of us having to make wisdom saving throws. Before we had a chance to dispose of the demon, he called in two of his friends to his aid. The party was scattered at this point trying to handle all the demons around us. What happened next was very fast and caught all of us off guard, our paladin received a blow which poisoned him and knocked him out. What we didn’t know is that on his next turn he would die because of the active poison on him. Unfortunately we did not get to him on time and he drew his last breath. If you thought that was the shocking part, well you are wrong.

As soon as the heart beat of the paladin, half-elf by the way, stopped beating, our druid abandoned all attacks on the demon and rushed to his side as we managed to clean the remaining demons. Now our paladin had a magic sword which only his bloodline could use. It was supposed to be passed down from generation to generation and can only be used to its fullest of potential by the same bloodline. Our druid who is a drow is now seen holding the weapon and whispering to it before plunging it into the paladin’s corpse. We were all questioning his burial method but at that point the paladin’s body was now floating off the ground and with a flash disappeared.

All that was left in front of us was a gnome. Draekhill shook the gnome asking ‘Where is our paladin’ to which he hinted that it was him. It turned out that the druid was the paladin’s father all this time and has been secretly watching him and protecting him all this time. He said himself ‘I may not be a good father but I can sure as hell protect you’. The funny part is that the player role playing the paladin hate gnomes in real life and confirmed that he would rather have died than be in this situation. So now the party consist of a gnome whose dad is a drow but the bright side is we still have our paladin.

The paladin’s behavior slowly changed as we marched on towards the ‘Worms Riding’, it was like he was transforming into something else because of the sword magical property. The sword was destroyed in the process by the way.

This is where the session ended, stay tuned for the next installment where you will see what happened to the paladin and a view of the past, present and future events for Draekhill.

In One Week | Play More

A lot can happen In One Weeka weekly article focusing on what gaming things interested or caught my attention in the past week. I will report on what happened in my world of gaming and give you a snapshot of what excited me in the gaming realm at large. How many games can you play In One Week?

What did I play this week?

  • #Chatroom4Life! What a great way to start off the week, listening to Misdirected Mark LIVE! Episode 200 was very nostalgic–for them, I am a newer listener–and very touching. The old bumpers were hilarious and it was very interesting to listen to them talk about the evolution of the show. Even though Chris and Phil have been at it for about 100 episodes already, I feel them only just scratching the surface of what they are capable of–and yes, that is a professional opinion, not just a gamer one. Congratulations! I cannot wait for the Patreon to begin! If you are not already a fan, trust me that these guys will make you a better game master for the listening.
  • I was incredibly impressed with Gaming and BS this week–more so with Brett than Sean, sorry! For the past few weeks, the Wisconsin boys have really stepped up their podcasting. Their banter is always amusing, but there was a switch flipped a little while ago. The recent shows have really done so amazing with content and questions. Especially the questions. The way that Brett was asking questions and phrasing his concerns on the latest episode was incredible. You guys are doing great! I cannot pressure you all enough to go listen and enjoy!
  • Down with D&D was great as always. Strangely enough, my wife actually listened to a bit of it in the car–she remembered hearing the part where they did not want to spend 20 minutes arguing about rules before playing a game. While I am not a game designer, I find that my opinions often echo Chris and Shawn a lot, but it is good to hear that being said aloud. Also, now that the podcast is ahead of me in Out of the Abyss, I can benefit from their analysis before I run the chapter. I would definitely like to see more D&D breakdown and insights, maybe review a few favorites from DMs Guild! Lastly, Shawn said something about pay-what-you-want and Kickstarters that I am going to think about and elaborate in a post…
  • This being a short week means I only briefly listening to She’s a Super Geek Lasers and Feelings episode, Talking TableTop—TTT for all those hip and in-the-know—and the Official D&D Podcast. I feel bad because I talk to Senda, Emily, and Jim every week during #Chatroom4Life, but then get so busy that I cannot review their shows properly.
  • I finally watched Deadpool over the weekend. Even my wife loved it.

What happened to me in gaming this week? 

  • We got the materials for the D&D Epic Reclamation of Phlan. It is huge. I am so excited! I will write about the daunting challenge as well, but later on…

Where did my money go this week?

  • Dragon of Legends by Thrive Games funded this week. I did not Kick too much money, but they are a local game company and the game looks really cute. I do wish it was on iOS–I just realize that my iPad Pro is nearly as large as my laptop screen–but I can shell out for that later.

What did I miss this week?

  • Broken record again. Critical Role, I love the show, but I just cannot finish episode 43. I am not washing dishes for long enough, I guess.
  • I do not know why, but I am waiting to listen to Talking Games with a little bit of a run-up. I listened to the first episode a couple weeks ago, but I am afraid of running out of content.
  • Happy Easter! I spent time with my niece, so not much gaming activity. Next week is end of month for work, so it will be a gaming lite week again.

What excited me the most in gaming this week?

  • I am so excited to complete my Out of the Abyss campaign. I guess we nearly did with a TPK this past week, but I would like to see a satisfying thump to close the game. Also, we have a new DM stepping in to run Tyranny of Dragons when my run as DM is done this time. I spent a couple days fleshing out a character, it was fun. At the heart of it, I DM because I want to create a game that I want to play in–but ultimately means I want to play. I am looking forward to the player’s seat again. Let me tell you about my character…

What was your gaming week like? 

But… what do I know…?

The First Journey to D&D Part 11: The Duel

The story continues and today will be the first time seeing a dragon face to face. Due to a sequence of event from a duel some of the party members ended up being at the receiving end of its breath attack.

After the party decided to avoid travelling during day time, we took a double long rest using that time to investigate our items and making sure we were prepared to travel during night time. It would not be an issue since all party members have darkvision. As we started travelling we noticed something in the sky, it looked like a flaming sphere flying in a big circle as if trying to scout the area. My primeval awareness told me that it might have been a fey or elemental. We assumed it was the nightmare and its rider coming for a revenge. We managed to avoid it all through the night but it was definitely picking up on our location as the circle in the sky was becoming smaller and smaller.

As we climbed the mountain to reach our destination, Gauntlgrym, we came to a clearing on the top which felt like an ambush. Well we weren’t wrong, the female githyanki knew of our trajectory and alerted her allies. We were surrounded and outnumbered, there was about 6 githyanki soldiers, 1 nightmare, the female githyanki and a heavily armored male githyanki who with using force pull snatched the great sword from our party member’s grasp. Oh and there was a red dragon, full grown.

The situation looked very grim and we knew that fighting a dragon at our level was suicide. Fortunately the male githyanki which I will refer as the boss from now on asked for a duel. If we won the duel we would be spared and if we lost well we wouldn’t be spared. Our paladin gladly accepted due to his high AC. While the duel was happening our team strategically got into position in the event something goes south.

Our paladin got to go first and did quite a bit of damage to the boss using his smite and booming blade. On the boss’ turn our paladin cast shield to avoid any damage which was the reason why we thought he had the most chance of winning the duel. As soon as that happened the female githyanki shouted profanities that we did not understand, we knew however they were not kind words. The boss waved her off and kept fighting. As the duel continues and our paladin shielded again and that time the female githyanki counter spelled it. We then found out that a duel is supposed to have no magic associated to it.

Because she did that we had a bunch of actions readied in case one of them did an offensive move and that triggered them. Our druid called a lightning spell right on the female githyanki and this is were everything went south. We all looked at each other and back to the dragon. We then all rolled initiative. The duel at that point was interrupted, the boss looked quite sad as he misty step on the dragon ready to leave. The dragon annoyed at that point decided to give us a parting gift, his breath attack. He aimed it at our druid and our paladin which ko’ed them instantly. He then departed and left through a tear in reality. Unfortunately for us we were left with the rest of the guards and the female githyanki.

After a lot of effort we managed to best our opponents except the female githyanki who left after doing some heavy damage to the team. We stabilized the team and then headed towards our destination. As we were walking an arrow coming out of nowhere landed in front of us with a scroll attached to it, it was a plane shift scroll. I guess the boss liked the duel and wanted a rematch but I don’t think our team was very keen walking into a githyanki town and with the expectation to walk out alive.

In the next adventure we will be back on track and arriving to Gauntlgrym. Stay tuned as it will prove interesting as our party is consisted of hated individual which under normal circumstances would be kill on sight.