Wolf and Dragon

I stopped by to see Paul and Shawn of Focht's News--yes, it facetious--hosting their weekly BattleTech event. Two Draconis Lances vs. a Star of Clan Wolf. The battle went poorly for the Draconis Combine forces, losing 3 'Mechs in a single round to gyro criticals and ammo explosions! Clan vs. Inner Sphere does not equal …

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Pride Rock

Will any 'Mech brave the heights (and falls) of Pride Rock? This skirmish was just a showcase of jump jets and blocking line of sight. My opponent used my Wolf's Dragoon Lance (Marauder II, Grasshopper, Stinger, Spider) against a scratch-build I threw together (Highlander, Thunderbolt, Mongoose, Mercury). There was quite a conga line going at …

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